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Allah is the Arabic word referring to God in the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Today my youngest made this adorable flower pot with her five fingers to write Allah in English.

http://acraftyarab.com/.../allah-helps-me-grow-handprint.../ #Allah #KidsCrafts
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Handmade vine pencils
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Bathroom organization DIY with mason jars http://sabrinasorganizing.com/mason-jar-organizing/
Mason jar organizing is fun and very cost-effective. Here is a craft project I did to organize the little commonly used items in our bathroom.
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I take scrap glass bottles and make tile. I use a homemade wood furnace.
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I live in Tombstone Az, if you live by a city maybe you can recycle it.
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T-shirt yarn can be used in makeing rag rugs, purses, bags and baskets.
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Personalized Guest Book
Do it yourself weddings are the current rage not only because you can save yourself money but also because your personality can shine through your handmade items.  It is a way to make the wedding your own and fit your specific theme.
For this project I used:
1 watercolor book
White card stock
Hole punch
Embroidery thread
Sewing needle
6ss Crystal Rhinestones
Gem Tac
Wax tipped tool or tweezers
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DIY hand crafted, homemade cold process soap.
If you ever wanted to make your own soap, cold process is for the beginner. I bought some neon dyes and had to share. FUN!
Ingressive Soap
I already can't wait to cut this!
Leaving for a day of boating. Have a great day!

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About this community

Whether you choose homemade as a hobby or to save your family money, this is the place to share all those great ideas!
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The aroma of delicious food wafts in from the kitchen and the table is set with fine china, silverware and wine goblets but something is missing. A beautiful centerpiece will add elegance to any table and this Autumn centerpiece is simple to make and will add that extra sparkle.
For this project I used:
3 various sized craft pumpkins
12ss crystal rhinestones
Gem Tac
Wax tipped tool
Wire cutters
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Beach bag charm

Materials- Coral, sheepskin leather,
Hand carved mango bead 
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Thank you !!!
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Painted this lamp white (was formerly black) & made a shabby chic lampshade 
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+CraftLas thanks!
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Handmade soap
*Unscented Sloppy Ghost Soap*
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Daune Pitman

Home Decor  - 
Now that the lovely season of blooming hydrangeas is coming to a close…here's how to dry hydrangeas to be able to enjoy them indefinitely!

#howto #hydrangeas #dryinghydrangeas #wednesday #wednesdaymotivation #home #homedecor #diy #diyproject #diyideas #diyhomedecor 
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Discussion  - 
Here's a homemade animated cartoon. When a favorite Law And Order character is murdered at the police station, detectives Bill Bilgriffin and Audrey Audreyhepburn are called to investigate.

Law And Order, The Singing Detectives Unit: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4uxgNpVhtvOt5SY6mvQwpnkxuYtg6ITV
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