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This is a nice Boise River shot I think. Give it a look if you would. It's near BSU and downtown. The river definitely isn't running that high this time of year--in the wintertime. The color looks pretty nice.

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For the Real Estate Industry... What Should Qualify as a "Resort" Area?

Vacation Spot along with Residential Homes?
Popular Area for 2nd Homes?
Large Percentage of Distinctive/Luxury Homes?
Tourist Destination?
Luxury Hotels Nearby?
Does it have to have... golf, skiing, boating, tennis or?

What is your favorite "Resort" Area?

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Buyers Getting Blown away by the Bling?

Keep Clients Grounded with These Priceless Tips on Resale Value...

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Open Houses...

Buyers will come in prepared with these questions...

Do you have the answers?

Why has the seller decided to sell now?
Has the seller had any offers?
Does the property have special ownership costs?
What furniture and appliances are being sold with the house?
Is there anything else that you want to leave with the home?


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Low Inventory and High Demand Require your Sharpest Negotiating Skills.

What Techniques do you put in Play to Win the Bidding War?

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We Focus on "Staging" the Home Interior...What About that First Impression...Out Front?

Spring Landscaping Transformation...

From Humdrum to...Stunning Outdoor Setting!

Do you advise clients on the importance of curb appeal?

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According to the 2013 Top National Workplaces rankings by Workplace Dynamics real estate is the best industry to be in. 

What is your favorite thing about being in the real estate industry?

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Sometimes it Just Works...

This Blog Article has had 5,075 Views and is Still Going Strong

What topics work well for you to attract good web site traffic?

(The article was originally posted about 18 months ago)

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A 1977 Winnebago with a 100 foot extension cord...

Not on My Lawn!

The Pros and Cons of H.O.A.s...

How Many of Your Clients Ask for No H.O.A.?
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