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A little poll...let me know if you want more options :)  If your unit isn't working, provide some detail...maybe someone can help.
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Have my GoBe (and it's working)
Have my GoBe (not working)
Still waiting
Just curious

My gobe 1doesn t work what is thé app for gobe 1 not for gobe 2 thank you

I just bought my gobe today and I followed the instructions and it work turn on unless on the charger help

I have just received my healbe gobe watch and it won't switch on unless in charging dock I've updated and installed firmware and set up app on fone. I've switched it on and connected it 2 my done and it says no contact so I take it off charging dock and then it goes off and then I try and try 2 switch it on and no luck. It says u charge it for at least a hr but I've had it on longer maybe 2 hrs and still nothing :( :(

I recently bought one from eBay and don't know the pin is there anyway to get a new one

I am very frustrated. I purcashed 2 devices. We have never gotten the first one to connect to Bluetooth. I have sent numerous emails to customer service and they do not respond. I awoke this morning and now the second one is not working either. It is looking for its PUK code. Seems as if instead of responding to my emails customer service instead decided to deactivate my working device. Since they don't have a phone number all you can do is send e
Mails into a black hole. Would not recommend this product to anyone. I feel like I have been taken twice.

I am very disappointed 5 days of use and the battery is not lasting 24 hours

Good morning! I have a problem with my Healbe.
I received it yesterday and I immediately tried to charge it; well, after 24 hours on the craddle and after trying many times to switch it on it always says "charging".

It looks that it's not charging at all; if I get it out the craddle everything disappear (I mean the orange light) and if I push the button nothing happens.

What can I do? Any idea? Thanks,

I have problem with my Healbe gobe firmware update. Tested with 2 phones. Oneplus 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5. The firmware is downloaded but when it try to installing it. I got Firmware faild. Tried 8+ times. I can`t go into the service menu. If i connect. I auto start installing the firmware. And it faild.

Is there any options to reset it ?



Hi! I'm trying out your product, and really liking it so far. Early tests are very positive. However, how do I change my time of meals without it popping up and asking? I accidentally selected the wrong time, and it is over-counting calories that I didn't eat. I think this is completely because I told it I started eating 30 minutes before I actually did. How do I adjust it? Is there a screen I can go to that shows me the up/down switches for the entire day, and I can just set them appropriately? I love that interface, but it feels so strange that it only pops up when it wants. And if I say yes accidentally, how can I change it? Thanks.
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