HI, Just getting started with MRL, and having some speed bumps. I when running MRL (latest version .1758) I do NOT see the .ino code being displayed as I have seen in some of the tutorials. I found a version of MRLComm lib and that had MRLComm.ino in it but the version number appears to be 18 and NOT 40 that .1758 is looking for. So my first question is how in the heck do I find the correct version of MRLComm that matches what the .1758 build of MRL expects? And correspondingly the .ino code to compile and upload to the Arduino? Secondly, and I expect I know the answer, can MRLComm work on an Arduino Nano? There isn't much dynamic memory left after I build and upload the version I was able to download. Right now I'm on the road and only have a Nano with me so I can't try a UNO until I get back home.

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My Humanoid Arm was made mostly of aluminum parts I recycled from the wreckage of my past. For instance the shoulder was a small sliding compound Miter Saw!, the bicep was an Aluminum baseball Bat and so on. It is the whole arm from the shoulder with 3 degrees of freedom in the shoulder, 2 DOF in the Elbow, 3 DOF in the Wrist, each finger is actuated by a servo.the thumb has 2 servos. except for the fingers everything else is Pneumatically driven with custom Cylinders that I made. They are controlled with an array of solenoid valves that are connected to an array of relay switches connected to an arduino mega. All of which is mechanically and electronically complete and functioning. Recently I found the Inmoov project and the Awesome Myrobotlab software.
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A new book for learning robotics using ROS, Opencv and Python !!!

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hi ! do you have a tutorial of how to use MRL for beginner
i made this robot but i need a better way to control it .

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Hello, my name is kaled Alejandro Souky Ortiz. I decided to contact you because i could tell you have a strong knowledge of Arduino DUE, and i have been experience some trouble using it. I wonder if you are capable of adapting the "varspeedservo" library to the Arduino DUE board. I tried doing it through AVR studio by using the newly updates of AT91SAM3X8E micro controller. I took as reference the servo’s library for Arduino IDE beta 1.5.8, but had no luck.

If you can do it, this would be a huge contribution as the Arduino DUE board has more potencial and power reading and its clock is 5 times faster than Arduino UNO or Arduino MEGA. I appreciate your feedback if you could do this. At this time i am finishing a project in which i had some difficulties but it will be done in a short time, but i would  like to experience the whole potencial of the board, the servos and sensors.

Thanks in advance, and expect you reply very soon. This is my email: 


This the link to my project: 


Here is the link for download varspeedservo and the IDE beta 1.5.8:



Trying to figure out the new gizmo's on google+ and interfacing with dynamic robot simulators @ http://myrobotlab.org
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