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It's official! This Community has been retired. If you haven't received an invite to one of the new communities, please send me an email ( and I'll send a request!

Remember, Office Hours are M: 10-11pm EST, T-Th 7-8pm EST. 

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Please check out my Hot or Cold game. I can not make it alert "cold" and I am trying to have an alert when user input text instead of number using isNaN but it doesn't work.

Have any of you use Bracket before?

I am not sure how do you feel about The Eloquent Javascript tutorial. It is so dry and the language is very hard to observe. What is the different between value and data? Are they the same? Eloquent Javascript said there are 6 type of values, function is a value. W3schools said there are 7 type of data and function is not a data. 

What is the different between value that part of the object property and value as describe above? Sorry for having so many questions. I hope I can understand this before it gets more difficult. Thanks

Hi all, its time for Open Hours!! 7 - 8pm EST. Feel free to drop by with any questions or just to say hi.

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My API hack.

I am using twitter live stream api and using node/ to get the information from twitter.

This is just first draft and will like to improve on it.

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After a lot of struggle, I'm finally done with my 37signals revisit. Check it out!

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Hi Everyone, how are you doing? this is my first attempt on Hack! project. Is a tool to search TED videos with YouTube API. Hope you like... let me know the reviews... thanks!

Hi All- please join me today's Office Hrs - 7-8pm EST!

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My Hot or Cold app...that graphical meter doesn't work exactly the way I want, but close welcome
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