Do you all still get together and play on Tuesdays? I'm going to be there from 5:00 to 7:30 and interested in playing some games.

Is anyone here interested in saving a load of Game of Thrones 1.0 cards from the Recycling Can?

Star Wars RPG Campaign:

If you are interested in playing in a game on Tuesdays for about an hour each night let me know. I can DM (unless somebody else wants to). We could 4 or 5 player characters.

I just picked up gloomhaven. It plays four, Joey and I are looking to see if two others would be interested in a weekly game.

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Blood Bowl League Info :

Go to

The resources pages has the league rules and links to the game rules, team costs and a roster creator.

These are just suggestions, if anyone feels strongly about changing something, we can do that.

The league starts the first week of February so I need your rosters (in PDF form from the roster creator tool I linked) by the end of January.

If you want some help on a roster you can go here :

Or just ask one of us that has played a lot. If you are borrowing a team from someone post it on here so everyone knows its taken.

Hey all!

Quite a few of us are playing X-Wing next Tuesday! I can bring extra stuff if other people are interested, but please at least tell me if you are, so I know to pack it :)

Hey everybody. We are going to start a Blood Bowl league on Tuesday nights. It will be one game a week for probably 3 or 4 weeks (depending on number of players).

Rob and I will organize it, I just need to know if you are interested in playing. Please respond to this post with your name and the races of teams you have. If you don't own a team, just put none. We have a few people who have more than one team so we can share and everyone should be able to play.

Anybody up for trying out New Angeles tonight?

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Cardboard Gaming Netrunner GNK. Hope to see some of you there. We are starting at 11/10/16 at 6:00pm.

Hello all,
Looks like many of us won't be able to make gaming on Tuesday. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up!

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