Community has gone to hell! I CALLED IT

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As many of you are aware, the Smash Ballot ended. Now we don't know if Nintendo is going to put their last character in either. There is indeed one more spot left guys, so I hope it's a good one if there even is one, right? Who's with me? And one more thing, I can see that Nintendo closed the Poll early because of this John Cena crap, I think this whole John Cena caused this to happen. They may have a different reason too.
To the people that actually read this paragraph: Thank you for your time! :)

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Freaking 8bit master over here XD

Guys i know this isn' about gaming but i found the biggest asshole ever. First he calls me autistic fuckface then i reply with well who took a shit in your cereal and he just went apeshit from there. I am laughing so fucking hard right now. Btw his user name is yassin.

I tried to make you a logo but G+ is crap with making photos.

I just realized... Deus ex would be a lot easier and fun if you actually had ammo half of the time. Do you expect me to run up to a machine gun wielding punk.

Lol welcome matt. I didn't expect you to join XD

holy crap 5 members already? I am looking for a good pic for this group. 


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