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Slammed a small pile of large mouth in a short time after a long day before dark
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Trout caught from Veterans Park Pond on the 29th.

Local Fishin' Holes
Here is the list of water holes I am actively pursuing If you know of more and would like them featured then by all means shoot me an email/comment.

(Water hole descriptions taken from the Idaho Fish and Game Website, commentary is my own.)

A. Boise River: Rich with good fishing and easy access from the East Boise footbridge downstream to the Snake River.

I have seen people pulling Browns and Rainbows out of the River above and below the Glenwood Bridge. Last week I saw someone just over the Greenbelt from the Veteran's Memorial Pond pull in a 26 incher. He caught it on a yellow and black Panther Martin knock-off spinner. I have yet to catch one from the river mostly due to lack of time spent fishing there (20 minutes one day while scouting the ponds around Veterans Park)

B. Settlers Park Pond: An easy to access fishing pond in a park setting with park facilities nearby. Located at the northeast corner of Meridian and Ustick roads.

I have no information on this pond yet but intend to fish it this week. 

C. McDevitt Pond: Provides fishing in a park like setting. Located on the corner of Eagle and McMillan Roads in Meridian.

I catch my limit here in a round and hour/ hour and a half tops (2 fish as it is a "Family fishing water").  Always a few people there and lack of cover makes you feel like your'e fishing in a swimming hole but it is well stocked with rainbow Triploids that taste great after a few hours in my smoker. Great place to take younger kids. 

D. Merrill Pond: An attractive, well stocked pond in Eagle next to the Greenbelt and Merrill City Park. On Eagle Road just north of the Boise River turn east on Riverside Street, then right on Shore Drive.

I have no information on this pond yet but intend to fish it this week. 

E. Riverside Pond: Tucked in the trees off Glenwood Road and offers good bank fishing. Located on the corner of Glenwood Road and Riverside Drive.

I have no information on this pond yet but intend to fish it this week. 

F. Veteran's Park Pond: Along the Greenbelt and a short walk from a playground and park facilities. This pond sits at the back of Veteran's Park on the corner of Veteran's Parkway and State Street in Boise.

This pond is actually broken into 2 parts with different target species in each. There is Veterans pond east and Veterans Pond West. 

Veterans Park West is tricky to get to now because of the construction on Rose St for Esther Simplot Park and improvements to the Idaho Transportation Building. After 5 O'clock they seem to move out of the way.  I have yet to fish this pond this season but got catfish out of her last year. 

 Veterans Pond East is the bigger of the 2 ponds.I fished this pond a few times last week but I think it may have been too cold in the deeper parts to stimulate the larger fish. I caught a good Trout last night (3/29 at around 9 PM) after fishing only 15 minutes. He fought like a demon and hit my worm/Power Bait cocktail (regular ole nightcrawler with a pseudo jig-head of power bait, snell hook) so hard there was no need to set the hook. 

G. Quinn's Pond: Off the beaten path and popular for fishing, swimming and non-motorized watercraft. To get there go west on Main St. Turn north on 29th St. and go 3/10 of a mile and turn west on Pleasanton. Go to 31st Street and park on the left. Follow the Greenbelt to Quinn's Pond.

One of the ponds that intrigues me the most though I've yet to catch anything out of it after 2 plus hours of fishing. The Idaho fish and game stocked this with catfish a few years ago and I've heard they're well established. As I cut my teeth fishing back east (which means catfish and Bass) i would LOVE to be able to catfish 15 feet from the Greenbelt. Stay posted as i will certainly have my eye on this hole.

H. Park Center Pond: A popular fishing pond easily accessed from Park Center Boulevard just east of the Park Center Bridge.

An equally enticing candidate for Catfish. I have yet to make it down to this hole but as it contains Channel Cats and Blue Cats I will most certainly soak some stink bait in this hole as the weather warms. Stay tuned. 

I. Esther Simplot Pond: Not on the Idaho Fish and Game family fishing waters list but it has made their list of stocked ponds. Accessed off of Rose st. off of State St. this pond is the active construction site for Esther Simplot Park. The pond is hard to get to now (while invading the construction site I was yelled at by a worker who didnt know near enough english to run me off and I was through their site and on the water before he could get a translator. P.S I no habla Jibber Jabber so if you catch me on the water talk English or GTFO) or by jumping the fence along the green belt by the bridge that separates the little confluence/tributary that feeds Veterans Memorial Park. Isolated and stocked with catfish this pond will be interesting to fish. Check it out BEFORE they finish the park for the most secluded fishing you'll get right in the middle of Boise. 
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