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What came first: Data or Information? and how do you make them work together effectively?

Since the dawn of Data, there's been Information, or did we derive Data from Information?

But does it really matter, because for organisations, they need to work together a lot more effectively to achieve useable / actionable intelligence for all areas of business.

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For too long, in most large organisations these two areas have worked sometimes in the same area, but separately or totally different silos. So how to get these two areas working together - to me, explain and show them what each other does, but this is easier said than done. We all know people working within Data or Information are possessive about their knowledge(not all), it's a control thing I think...what we want to do, is bring them together for a session where both are able to learn and gain new skills, plus work together in showing just how important good intelligence is to an organisation, and how to achieve this intelligence.

This is going to happen here and only here:

The Data and Information Guide to Intelligence in Australia
#dataday #infoday
28-29 Nov 2017, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne, Australia

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The Data and Information Guide to Intelligence
A Two Day Case Study and Hands-On Forum
28-29 Nov 2017, Melbourne, Australia
Each Day is Separately Bookable(but we suggest going to both)

This newly created forum, separates and then brings together the essential parts of any organisations need to garner intelligence from their data and information. You cannot cover everything in two days, but you can look at and improve on the glaring issues within data and information, that will save you time to move your projects forward.

Day One: The Data Day
Data Stewardship
Data and Tech
Data Standards
Barriers to Good Data and Overcoming Them
Effective tracking and correcting
How open data is being provided & used
Deidentifying data for use through open data\public platforms
Social bot detection for data integrity and validity
Data anonymization for publishing and sharing social media datasets
Practical & policy challenges of preserving social media data
Data governance in a big data space
Lost Data Speak in Translation: Connecting the Business Centres
Business and asset governance
Establishing data standards within an organisation

Day Two: The Information Day
Justifying continuous improvement
Information Stewardship
Data and Tech
Data Analytics to Intelligence
Information Analysis to Intelligence
Information Governance
The Barriers
Business and asset governance

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Knowledge Management Australia 2017 #kmaus
NATO - Brussels, Dubai Police Force, ARUP, World Vision International, Stemke Consulting Group – USA, Tactical Training Group, Pacific, U.S. Navy—TACTRAGRUPAC, Singapore Power, The University of Sydney, Department of Defence, KPMG International, Intelligent Answers (Founder of The Organisational Zoo), SWOOP Analytics, Service NSW, Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers, Optimice Pty Ltd, National Indigenous Radio Service

Knowledge Management Australia began in 2004 and has attracted leaders from around globe.

Our expert panel of speakers will share successful strategies, case studies and initiatives that have made a difference in their organisations.
KM Australia 2017 will allow you to:
* Hear practical presentations from renowned international and Australian knowledge management experts
* Involve yourself in interactive exercises and debates
* Listen to practitioner case studies and be equipped with real life examples and strategies
* Participate in a range of networking, interaction and discussion opportunities in the unique conversational format

This years congress will keep an open atmosphere where you will learn a discussion areas such as:

Collaboration - Creation - Innovation - Retention - Knowledge Sharing - Contribution - Engagement - Global - Tools and Tech - Barriers to KM - Change - Agile

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Keynote speech for the Knowledge Management Australia - 2016 conference: "Had Queen Isabella Launched Robotic Ships: NASA Adventures in KM.
Speech by David Oberhettinger, NASA-JPL Chief Knowledge Officer, on August 3, 2016.

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From a post on FB from Arthur Shelley - I did two workshops at the recent KM... | Facebook
When we start leveraging what everyone in the room knows and has experience of, we all get more out of the learning.

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Irish Defence Forces: Using SharePoint 2013 as a complete EDRMS, Intranet and KM Solution for a 9,000+ Organisation

Major Barry Byrne, Chief Information and Knowledge Management Officer for the Irish Defence Forces is leading an internationally acclaimed KM programme developing policies, procedures and technological solutions to improve Information and Knowledge Management in the Irish Defence Forces and will be delivering a case study on IKON, (Information and Knowledge ONline) a multi award winning KM Programme in the Irish Defence Forces, plus he will hosting a half-day workshop on Senior Leadership Engagement and Change Management in a Large KM project at:
Knowledge Management Australia 2016
2-4 August 2016, Rydges Melbourne
Two-Day Connected Congress, 6 Pre-Forum Workshops, 2 World Cafes and 1 KM Clinic  #kmaus
Twitter: follow the hashtags #kmaus - over 2500 tweets last year and the year before during the event
also coming up:
How to keep your library relevant in Australia
The Practical Library 2016 for Australia
Engage – Innovate – Lead - Promote
23 August 2016, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne
$895 plus gst if you join early
Case Study Led and Interactive Buzz Sessions
One Day Only  #libaus

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Innovation: Serious Games & Simulations for Leadership Development

Curious about: How Serious Gaming and Simulation Technology can be used to teach and train managers/leaders to apply the positive effects of Creativity & Flow (a state of mind in pos. psychol.) to Management & Leadership?
Then: Have a look at our ever growing & dynamic G+Collection! (below)
#FlowLeadership #SeriousGames #Simulations #GameFlow

Putting Stories to Work: The tools build your business storytelling skills
by world’s largest storytelling company
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