Prologue of Secret Love

Alexis and me been dated for years now, but no one know about our relationship, he's a famous singer now, he travel across the country for his fans, Sometime I just hate him because he hide our relationship from the world, But he did this because he afraid that I might get hurt by the hate's from his fans he wanted me to be happy..."Babe!" I stand up and look at him sitting on the couch..."You have a great date?" I ask and sit far away from him, he sigh "I have to do this because I want our relationship to be save" my anger started to boiled "same answer as always! I'm Tired of this Alexis! please! I wanted our relationship to be known by hundred of people I don't care if people hate me" I say "Emma..." I stand up and walk to our bedroom "Baby!" Alexis knock on the door, I hide myself in the cover every tears mean every pain that I go through, Alexis open the door and walk towards me "baby don't cry" He say and lay next to me, he put his hand around my waist and I look at him "I just...I'm sorry" I say and bury my head into his chest "It's okay baby, I forgive you" He say

~The Next Day~

I open the TV and The news came up...wait is that...Alexis with a another girl holding hands, The fans really love her...would they love me like they love the girl?...suddenly a tears fall from my eyes...I walk to the guest and moved everything to the guest room...I lock the door...I heard footsteps walk to Alexis room..."Emma?!" Alexis voice was a bit worried but I don't care he already do this twice probably a hundred time to me...

(The First chapter will be publish soon hope you have an amazing day Bye!)
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