hi Guys
I tried django-simple-captcha on refering http://django-simple-captcha.readthedocs.io/…/la…/usage.html. Every thing works well and goes fine, I need few suggestion on it.
1. How efficiency is this?
2. How strong is this?
3. How easy/hard to cark this captcha?
4. Can we use this to high end applications?
Guys please suggest me for above line items or any this else there please let me know about django-simple-captcha, please explain me the pros and cons of django-simple-captcha. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Guys,

I have build one app in Python Django Framework for developers,it is CODESEE.
CODESEE is a website where one can share the code snippet globally to others.
This app is like pastebin, ghostbin , codeshare, snipptshare etc and so many are there like this.
I did this of my own interest, i'm willing to use this app in live(Production) for all.
Please review my app and give me feeback to improve this and suggest me if anything need to be change or improve.
This application has a feeback form, please submit your feedback there.
Thanks in advance.


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Do you face the problem regarding the implementation of Chain Combo in Django framework?
Refer this article you got the solution. From this article, you will learn how to add Chain Combo using Jquery and Ajax in Django framework. 
You can download full source code from the article

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Hey, all. This is the job description for our Django Developer position paying $1,000/month. We are also giving out a Headhunter Award of $100 for anyone who helps us find the person we hire. So we appreciate any help you can provide in getting the word out!


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Hi friends,
Learn how to start Django automatically after restarting development systems/server in Linux in an article of Pulse7​.

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If you have a problem in integrating zmathew/django-ajax-upload-widget with Amazon S3 bucket then read this article.

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