Last paper being graded... Hello BSN...😊

I just started the BSN progam any tips

I just want to tell everyone how great WGU is. My student mentor and all of the course mentors have totally supported and helped me as I have struggled to get moving very quickly. I hadn't done any other on-line courses but watched my co-workers who are in other Universities and trust me, for me anyway, WGU has been awesome to let me move at my own pace, not required group projects, wall boards,etc.. which is one thing that was keeping me from entering school in the first place. I highly recommend WGU and suggest to always reach out for guidance, they are there for you!

Anyone heard when the next cohort for the prelicensure program will start in Dallas?

I just started my MBA Healthcare Management program. Any tips? I work full time.

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Whether you’re currently working as a nurse, considering your BSN, an active nursing student, or just thinking about enrolling in nursing school, you’ll be happy to know that nursing is a career on the rise. You should feel confident in your decision to become a nurse and get your nursing degree.

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Here are 3 ways to get started in your nursing career. Are there any that we missed?

Did any of you do the RN to BSN program at WGU online?

The Clinton Technical School in Missouri is currently looking for a BSN with two years of experience to join their team as a nursing instructor for the 2015 PN class. Check their website for more information. 

hello my name is Crystal and I am a coder.
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