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Some of my handmade soaps.´╗┐
Life is sloppy. Lather it up! SloppySoap!
Happy Friday­čść´╗┐

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"I have to laugh at you left wingers.. I scoff at you Conservatives.. You point fingers at each other.. One fool Blames George Bush the other Dolt blames Obama.. This as the real enemy points guns and Knives at you..

Lets make a list of who ISIS hates and wants to kill.
If you are an atheist.
If you are a Christian.
If you are Gay
If you are a Feminist
If you are Muslim (Other than SUNNI)
If you value democracy
If you value socialism
If you value capitalism
If you believe in the advancement of science
if you like rock & Roll
If you like classical music
if you like ancient artifacts from cultures long gone.
If you are a decent human being..

So go on and hate each other but remember it will make it easier for them to kill you. If you can put aside your valueless arguments and genuine hatred and actually enlist in the common cause of exorcising these demons we may have a chance. And despite what you may believe they are everywhere.´╗┐"

Well said Mr Guidotti´╗┐

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Ok so I am looking for women with beautiful faces that will help me with my fall portfolio that wants a complimentary facial! And could also earn a free $50 spa certificate! If interested please contact at Thank you in advance´╗┐

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This is it! The last weekend of our annual Holiday Train Show! We're open:
Friday: 6PM - 9PM For Steam at twilight
Saturday & Sunday 11AM - 5PM

After that you'll need to wait until November to see our display!´╗┐

We have the perfect escape from the post Christmas clean up / gift return.  The museum is open extended Holiday hours!  We'll open our doors today at 11AM and will be open until 9PM tonight.  Starting around 6PM, we'll start pulling the diesel locomotives off the tracks and the steam will come out for weekly "Steam at Twilight" session.

If you're not back from holiday travels today, don't worry the museum is open special Holiday hours this week:
Sat 12-27 11AM - 5PM
Sun 12-28 11AM - 5PM
Mon 12-29 11AM - 5PM
Tue 12-30 11AM - 5PM
Wed 12-31 11AM - 5PM´╗┐

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We have a few tickets remaining for our evening of #MarketingAutomation ┬áevent tomorrow at the +The Andy Warhol Museum; please pass along to any friends or colleagues in sales or marketing that may find this topic of interest.´╗┐

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