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|| "Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force" ||

The Ginyu Force has invaded Earth! They don't really plan to kill anyone, but they want to find the strongest warriors. If you beat them, they will leave the planet and never return.

☆ Tournament / Community Guide ☆

☆ Round 1 ☆
For the first round, you guys will be facing Guldo who has a power level of 13,500.
☆ Round 2 ☆
After defeating Guldo via knockout, forfeit or murder, you will be facing Burter who has a power level of 62,000
☆ Round 3 ☆
After Burter will be Jeice, who has a power level of 64,000.
☆ Round 4 ☆
Then after that, you guys will be fighting Recoome who has the power level of 65,000.
☆ Round 5 ☆
Then after defeating the entire Ginyu Force, you shall be facing the leader and most powerful member, Captain Ginyu! He has a power level of 120,000.

☆ Rewards ☆
Important Warriors ~
The most important warriors, a.k.a the ones that did the most damage will achieve a x10 boost to their power levels, and they get to have one of the ultimate techniques of the members of the Ginyu Force, you get to choose which of the 5 ultimate techniques you want. You also get a bonus, you can also choose to have one of their signature moves, which is just right below the Assisters' part. You also get 100,000 Zenis.
• Guldo Special – Guldo's ultimate technique. He paralyzes his opponent, and then he summons a tree trunk skewer and launches it at the opponent.
• Space Mach Attack – Burter's ultimate technique.
• Crusher Volcano – Jeice's Ultimate Attack in Dragon Ball:
• The Recoome Ultra Fighting Bomber – Recoome's ultimate attack.
• Triple Milky Cannon – A variation of the Milky Cannon that is Captain Ginyu's ultimate attack.
Assisters ~
The ones that were almost as important, they helped a lot, like delivering the final blow or distracting the opponent, etc. They will receive a x5 boost to their power levels and one signature move of their choosing. You also get 45,000 Zenis.
• Time Freeze – Guldo's special ability to freeze time. This is also Guldo's signature attack
• Mach Attack - Burter's signature attack
• Crusher Ball – A powerful energy ball that is Jeice's signature technique. This technique is performed by the user placing one hand above their head and yelling out "Crusher Ball" and throwing their hand to fire the blast to where their opponent is at the current time.
• Recoome Eraser Gun – A Mouth Energy Wave that is Recoome's signature technique.
• Body Change – Ginyu's special ability to switch bodies.
Others ~
For those who weren't important at all but at least tried, you will get a x1.5 power boost. You also get 1,000 Zenis.
If you basically did nothing, then you'll get nothing.

+Legendary Otoko (Dєιту σf Lєgєи∂ѕ)​ and +the thot patrol official Jay
I've come up with a very exciting way for Goku to be weakened that could be fun for potentially the whole community.

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●▬▬▬▬๑|Profile Template|๑▬▬▬▬●|


l o a d i n g

██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 10%

████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 20%

████████░░░░░░░░░░░░ 40%

████████████████░░░░ 80%

████████████████████ 100%

a c c e s s g r a n t e d

☆ "Im a Saiyan from earth!" "I'll beat you in 5 seconds." This is from from all of us Limitless Kamehameha!" "Bulma!!!! You're balls are gone!☆

☆ Son ☆

☆ (None) ☆

☆ Middle Name ☆

☆ Middle Name Pronunciation ☆

☆ Goku ☆

☆ Gokuuh ☆

☆ Kakarot, Sun Kunn, Son, Dad, little guy, Grandpa, ☆

☆ Male ☆

☆ Heterosexual ☆
[Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual]
☆ Age ☆

☆ 04/16/737 ☆
☆ Planet Vegeta ☆

☆ Saiyan ☆
☆ Blood Type ☆

☆ Low class☆
☆ Happy go Lucky, obsessed with fighting, rather dense ☆

☆ English and Japanese ☆

☆ Fighting, food, fighting, training, food, his friends and family ☆

☆ Evil, unfair fights ☆

☆ Stephanie Nadolny and Sean Schemmel☆


☆ images below☆

☆ 3 ft ( 5'11 ft as Ssj 4 and 5)☆

☆ 18-20 kg (over 140 kg as SSJ4 and 5) ☆

☆ Blue (base) Red (Kaioken) Yellow (Super Saiyan 1-4) White (Super Saiyan 5) ☆

☆ Accessories ☆

☆ Items ☆

☆ Power pole (occasionaly)☆

Relationship info

☆ Son Chichi (wife), Son Gohan (son), Son Goten (son), Son Pan (granddaughter) Unborn grandchild from Goten and Valese ☆

☆ Married ☆

☆ Bulma, Vegeta (kind of), Krillen, Yamcha and the rest of the Z fighters ☆

☆ Z fighters ☆

☆ Vegeta, Piccolo, Tien, Ledgic and many more ☆

☆ Pilaf, Red Ribbon Army, King Piccolo, Frieza army, Cell, Metal Mutants, Baby, Shadow Dragons and Super Shadow Dragons ☆

☆ Allies ☆

☆ Acquaintances ☆

☆ Son Gohan (senior), Muten Roshi, Korin, Kame, King Kai, ☆

☆ Son Gohan, Uub ☆

☆ Dragon Ball gang, Z warriors ☆


☆ Weaknesses ☆
[Power overflowed (his small body has trouble with his immense power and Super Saiyan 5 is quite taxing)]
☆ Kamehameha (Super, ×10,Limitless), Dragon fist, Spirit Bomb, meteor combo, instant transmission, Kaioken, ☆

[Variations are unlimited]
☆ Abilities ☆
☆Goku ((kid)suppressed) - 240, Goku (kid) - 240,000,000,000, Goku ((kid) Super Saiyan) - 12,000,000,000,000, Super Saiyan 2 :24000000000000, Super Saiyan 3 : 96000000000000, Super Saiyan 4 :960000000000000, Super Saiyan 5 : 1200000000000000 ☆
[ ]
☆ Super Saiyan (Mastered), Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan 5 ☆
[ ]
☆ Almost identical to the Goku of Dragon Ball GT, he spent years fighting new Shadow Dragons within the Dragon Balls, once released he got the Elder Kai to turn him into a Super Saiyan 5 and defeated the final Dragon ☆

s a v i n g

██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 10%

████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 20%

████████░░░░░░░░░░░░ 40%

████████████████░░░░ 80%

████████████████████ 100%

f i l e s a v e
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Well, this community's beginning to die. Anyone wanna start doing shit?
Animated Photo

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Fight me

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Anybody wanna throw down?

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If your OC was in Dragon Ball Fighterz what would some of their intros be? Here I'll start

Dabujin walks in twirling his scythe, throws it in the air and catches it.
Db: "You're my opponent now"
Goku Black: "You're nothing to me"

Db: "I've already fought a god before"
Black: "I am the one true god."

Db: "I am the king of the demon realm."
Vegeta: "I'm the prince of all saiyans!"

Db: "Bend over for your king"
Android 21: "The hell is wrong with you?"

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|●▬▬๑| "God of Demons Again" |๑▬▬●|
☆ Location ☆
Demon Realm
☆ Time ☆
☆ Status ☆
Closed to +therealestJ24 potara profit
☆ Roleplay Type ☆
Otoko returns to the Demon Realm to challenge the Demon God after training a couple times to get stronger. He appears back in his place while still in his Super Saiyan form.

"Hello, Orez. We meet again, I would like to challenge you."

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☆G.O.D Planet☆


《Closed To》
+Legendary Otoko (Dєιту σf Lєgєи∂ѕ)​☆

The God Of Destruction Neo has gotten bored of doing nothing, so he checked to see if there was anyone to fight, maybe even make him his student, just maybe. So he licked on to someone's energy and brought him Neo's planet

So you're the lucky guy who'll fight me, very well then.

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|●▬▬๑| "The New Guardian" |๑▬▬●|
☆ Location ☆
The Lookout
☆ Time ☆
8:00 AM
☆ Status ☆
Closed to +ぜンZen
☆ Roleplay Type ☆
It was a sunny day, Otoko had just eaten breakfast. He would be seen flying in the air in his Super Saiyan form while going towards the direction of The Lookout. Eventually, he does arrive and land on the west side. He immediately sees George Allen Guardian on arrival and he quickly walks up to him.

"So, you're the new guardian, huh? Well, I'm Otoko, it's nice to meet you."
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