Installed DayFrame, got my Facebook photos running easy enough, but can't get Google Photos added as a Playlist. Any hints?

Getting a ton of stopped running errors lately. I've sent in logs with the report function, please let me know what is causing this.

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New update due out next week. Here's some teaser screens =)
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Unfortunately I have still issues with Dayframe. After some time it just stops working - black screen (so it seems like normal screensaver is started). After rebooting it shows up fine but instead of photos I get black screen with clock. But if I browse photos inside Dayframe they all show up ok.

Hi! Is it possible to add some soft transition effect? A simple blur would be very nice.

Is this project dead?

I'm asking because the option "Add default photostreams" still can't be deactivated and G+ albums are still sorted by name and not by date.
I've reported these things more than 5 months ago!

I just installed the Dayframe app to display pictures through my Chromecast, but whatever I do, I get a 'Brain freeze' message on my TV whenever I try to connectDayframe with my Chromecast..

Any help for this problem? (Other Chromecast apps work fine, so it isn't a problem with the Cromecast itself or something)

When I choose other users in Flickr, is it not possible so that it is displayed when a public range becomes Family or Friends?

In addition, as for the contact photo of Flickr, a public range is displayed with the thing of Family or Friends. However, indication is limited to a recent thing. Can you get rid of this number of sheets restrictions?

Is there anyway to have a Dropbox photostream be recursive?  Say I have a folder "Vacations" with sub folders "Blue Ridge" "New Orleans", and "Italy".  I'd like to be able to just select the "Vacations" folder and have it include all the sub-folders in the stream.

I would like to see an option to be able to see the comments and information of the pictures in the chromecast slide show.
Also if you could do something like a photowall with chormecast that would be great!
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