I can't login to my tumblr. The login page never fully appears.

Is this app still being updated? I can't seem the find the live party pics feature. I also get an error on my Chromecast when I try to display. It can't load whatever webpage.

Need some help trying to stream google photos. Any Ideas?

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Not sure if its the right place to ask, but I've tried Dayframe (actually bought the "prime", too), and noticed the 500px photos look very low-res on my Android TV. I've installed Dayframe on Nexus 7, with it's 7" screen its was less noticeable , but still didn't look as good as i expect it to. Having root on Nexus, i've pulled a stream cache file from the Dayframe directory, which appears to be a json file, with the photo URLs easily readable. I've pulled one of the photos and checked the resolution, it ended up being just 900x599. No wonder it looks bad on a high res huge size screens!!!

Anyone knows any way around this?

Possibility to have Google Drive ?

Is dayframe still in active development? The cloud TV user guide site looks like it's been hacked and they don't respond to my emails.

I have no library manager on my left screen and I can't access my Google photos on the cloud. Was able to before I upgraded to prime?

Installed DayFrame, got my Facebook photos running easy enough, but can't get Google Photos added as a Playlist. Any hints?

Getting a ton of stopped running errors lately. I've sent in logs with the report function, please let me know what is causing this.

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New update due out next week. Here's some teaser screens =)
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