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Hey guys,
Sooooooooooo........ I think it's about time that we have............ PROM!!!!!!!!!!
Yay! So, here are the rules and other info:
~ Must be your bf/gf for your dat, NO friends
~ Comment you and your partners name in the comment box, if you do, you'll have a chance to be prom queen and king!
~ You partner MUST be a different person, you can't be your own!
~ No pranks or anything stupid for prom!
~ I will make a poll when I have ALL the couple and whoever gets the most, will win prom queen and king!

Well, have fun and find a date!

~ Pawsie 

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Angels new look

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Name: Sam Houston
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Bf/gf/crush: nonw
Group: loner
Rank: back
Grades: C- and F
Personality: gets bullied, tomboy, nice sometimes, likes to be alone, not much of a friendly or talkitive person

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No where to put this so...
Hey guys! its chica the chicken101 here! And today i might cha,ge my name! If you want you can give me some names to change into!

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Name Brooke Hayes

Age 17

Gender female

Crush no one

Personally funny smart kind awesome

Group populars

Rank leader

Grades a b

Bye I am leaving is cuz I HAVE WAY TO MANY Lps communities I am in srry but byeeee (I am leaving after I post this post)

Do i have a character here?
And i had no where to put it .-. If i have to delete i not a rule breaker

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you see victor walks and cry when you.... girls only

You see brook and Kate doing sister stuff then u

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Okay my last sign up
Name: Katie Zelda
Crush: none
Groups:Cool Kids
Rank: leader
Grades: f just f
Pesr: picks on Brooke her little sister 
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