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name: Tavors
age: looks 21 but is 5,000
Parents: Grimmjow 
Gender: male
squad: 11
Zanpokto: Sakura
Bio: n/a
Other: I am a hollow but I work for the goti 13

eating at a resturant when

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Drawers, Anime drawers, photographers, designers, writers, poets, singers…A site just dedicated for artists who always follow their dreams without thinking about what will others say…I created it to help other people like me to express its burdens and problems as art…Just try and enjoy it….It’s all for you…:D

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name: kenji
age: 18
gender: male
bankai: Kura Aidagai Akuma
 zanpaktou: demon (only wings and tail, he gives me more power when needed)
parents: N/A
bio: Kenji is from the future....he has a dark past and has mastered his bankai. he doesnt like being bothered, he is quiet and dosnt cause trouble
appearence: picture (the second picture is the bankai and zanpaktou)
weapon: reap the soul (scythe)
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does everyones paperwork in advance ill get this done fast so i can train more...

practiceing new skills on training dummys

walking around hmmm...this place isnt so bad

*walks through the city swinging my chained scythes feeling countless souls everywhere with me eyes closed, every step I feel more and more spiritual pressure

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Name: Sinmaru Tosen
Age:168(Looks 19)
Parents: Kaname Tosen and Soi-Feg
Gender: Male
Squad 2 Captain
Zanpaktou: Kurai Honoo
Shikai: Scorch the light and bring forth the darkness, Kurari Honoo.
Bankai: Kuro yaketsuku
Bio: Raised by my mother after he defection and death of my Father.
Apperance: Looks like the picture, just doesn't have the Pauldron, and he wears boots and a pair of Gauntlets.

Can I be a captain
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