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Back to school season can be a stress-induced event for the average mom. But what about those of us who live with #Migraine ? Barbara Leech, a writer with +NewLifeOutlook, shares how she is able to manage both her migraines and back to school shopping.

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Here is the complete study mentioned by American Academy of Pain Management in the post previous to this.

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Acupuncture More Effective than Usual Care for Headaches due to Traumatic Brain Injury

A recent study by Samueli Institute (SI) provides evidence that acupuncture should be a standard form of treatment for chronic headaches due to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI):

Horrible past pain level of ten. Did I go to th ER? Phttt, we all know how little help and how quickly we are labeled junkies. Why bother with paying 4-500$ just to be discharged with a paper saying "follow up with regular doctor"?
I guess invisible illnesses automatically get invisible care! 

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Hey, everyone. I will be on #TheDoctors TV show this Thursday (Feb. 25). If you are suffering from chronic migraines, my surgical technique may be the answer you've been looking for. I currently have an 88% cure rate after having performed more than 1,200 of these procedures.
#migraines #severeheadaches #migrainetreatment
Check the local listings here:

Doctor-friend's grandson - aged 12 - diagnosed with chronic cluster headaches. The diagnosis is unclear though, so they are trying every treatment they can. I remember my son's severe Migraines turning chronic at age 4 and it all comes rushing back. So difficult to hear this... 

One of THE most helpful things a Migraine patient can do is find a Migraine and headache specialist. A neurologist can be a specialist, but so can other doctors. A specialist not need be a neurologist, and indeed some of the best are not neuros. These wonderful doctors have had additional specialized training and loads of experience with patients like us who tend to need out-of-the-box treatments and care. Many have Migraine themselves. Those that don't have dedicated their lives to helping us anyway. Check to be sure the doctor you're considering isn't just saying they're a sub-specialist in Migraine and headaches. A couple hours learning where to inject Botox does not a specialist make!

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