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This is a blog of my work, together with photos of some of my work.   Enjoy

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Hi All, My name is Muralidhar. An artist from Hyderabad, India. A little about what i do - I dabble in all kinds of art - i started off with sketches, drawings, oil paintings and now have stepped into the medium of clay art using a special ecofriendly clay that i have invented/created. I like teaching this medium to anyone interested and would like to promote creation of paintings, murals, sculptures - the ecofriendly way!
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Post has attachment Kristina Casanova asked a little about me.  
Hi, I usually do pencil sketches with the occasional colours.  I also do tag-team drawings with friends where we take turn drawing part of the picture.  I like doing pictures of my favourite books T.V. Shows...or anything else that I feel like drawing.  
This is a tag-team pencil sketch I did:

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The profile pic is all pictures I drew...from Doctor Who, NCIS, Harry Potter, and Ranger's Apprentice.
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