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Ay, welcome to the Danganronpa Future Foundation Roleplay!
Yes, this is a roleplay community.
Feel free to kill.
Eh, let's leave the introduction and get into the rules.


-You cannot RP with a character without getting it approved by the owner or a moderator.
A character which is not on the list leads to confusion.

-You may have unlimited OCS, but for cannon characters, you can have only three.
Some person may take all the cannon characters and leave none for the others. So that's why you can have only three cannon characters.

-The forbidden action must be given to me or a moderate through a private post.
The forbidden must be kept a secret, right? You can expose your forbidden action if you'd like.

-The forbidden action for the cannon characters who participated in the game must be the same as the series.
For example, you can't just go like "Naegi's forbidden action is punching someone". His forbidden action has to be the one in the series. For the cannon characters who didn't participate in the game, you can make their forbidden action up. Kyoko will be an exception though.

-The time limit will end in 12:00 AM, Pacific Time Zone every Saturday.
After each time limit, a character has to die. If you want your oc to die, please tell me or one of the moderators through a private post. Sometimes, no one dies in the time limit.

-You need to make a profile to become a cannon character.
Hehe idk why but you need to.

-You aren't allowed to do sexual acts.
Remember, there weren't any sexual acts in Danganronpa 3 Future arc!

-There is a killer in this game.
No, it isn't the monitors suicide thing in this game, there is actually a killer. If the killer is found, the job will be passed on to someone else.

-Please copy, paste, and fill the template to sign up for a character.
You are allowed to add stuff to it.

Now for the template.


SHSL/Ultimate (skip if none):
Bio (skip if cannon):

And the list:

Cannon Characters:


Mokoto Naegi: +Ryūnosuke Chiba​​​​​​​
Kyoko Kirigiri: +Khanh Nguyen
Mukuru Ikusaba:
Byakuya Togami:
Celestia Ludenberg:
Chihiro Fujisaki:
Aoi Asahina:
Toko Fukawa/Genocide Jack:
Sayaka Maizono:
Kiyotaka Ishimaru:
Sakura Ogami:
Yasuhiro Hagakure:
Junko Enoshima:
Mondo Owada:
Leon Kuwata:
Hifumi Yamada:

Hajime Hinata: +Khanh Nguyen (Can't tag, so sorry)
Chiaki Nanami:
Nagito Komaeda:
Gundham Tanaka:
Mikan Tsumiki:
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu:
Peko Pekoyama:
Mikan Tsumiki:
Ibuki Mioda:
Sonia Nevermind:
Hiyoko Saionji:
Byakuya Twogami:
Kazuichi Soda:
Akane Owari:
Mahiru Koizumi:
Teruteru Hanamura:
Natsumi Kuzuryu:
Nekamaru Nidai:

Chisa Yukizome:
Ryota Mitarai:
Kyosoke Munakata:
Sonosuke Izayoi:
Juzo Sakakura:
Seiko Kimura:
Ruruka Ando:
Kazou Tengan:
Koichi Kizakura:
Daisaku Bandai:
Great Guzo:
Kotoko Utsugi:
Nagisa Shingetsu:
Jataru Kimuri:
Masaru Daimon:

Kaeda Akamatsu:
Suichi Saihara:
Kokichi Ouma:
Rantarou Amami:
Korekiyo Shinguji:
Maki Harukawa:
Tsumigi Shirogane:
Kirumi Tojo:
Kaito Momota:
Miu Iruma:
Angie Yonaga:
Himiko Yumeno:
Gonta Gokuhara:
Tenko Shabashiri:
Ryoma Hoshi:
Himiko Yumeno:

Other Characters:

Orichi Matsumo (Ultimate Criminal): +Ryūnosuke Chiba​​​​​​
Amaya Kenchi: +Karma Akabane
Usagi Kenchi (Ultimate Gardener): +Karma Akabane
Dalton Maki Akuma (Ultimate Hero): +Dalton Akumu

NOTE: I do not own Danganronpa or the community photo in any way

_If I missed anything, let me know_

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Full Name: Ashur Hinton Orimi
Nickname: Route
Age: 17
Gender: male
Trap/Drag character: neither
Birthday: February 14
Sexuality: aromantic(Feels no love)

Talent:ultimate Killer
Perks: Bad at Sleeping; insomnia
Flaws: has been killing since age 2
Personality: insane, crazy, liar, etc and sociopath and psychopath
Hobbies: killing, cutting, stabbing, hurting,.... and singing
Likes: singing, killing, Somewhat of hope and somewhat or despair, and more
Dislikes: losing

Bio (Make it snappy, quick): he was kidnapped a year after being adopted but kept his real name. he was experimented on. he got the personity of a killer and His Real personality held back. all you see is a personality of Izuru Kamukura. be warned. he bites

Theme Song: painted smile nightcore
fears: none
pets: none

(already had a profile with info on it. I hope this is good)
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The little gray girl was playing in the hallways at night, (the only thime she could go out without problems), and when she got tired, she went to her dorm but she feel how something tangled her feet and lift her up in the air this is serious?

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Name: Hanako Yamada

Nickname: Core

Age: 8

Gender: Female

Sexuality: really .-. (straight)

Personality: She is a little bit crybaby and shy, but if you know her, she is super nice ^^

Likes: Drawing, cheese and cookies, play hide and seek

Dislikes: Thunderstorms, bulling and loud noises

Skills: Omniscient and cross over walls (sometimes she can hit into the walls ._.)

Weakness: The fire

Height 1.30
Gray hair
Light gray skin
Squishy cheeks
Round chin
Tiny hands
Eye sockets always black, (can't close her eyes completely)
Gray puffy sweater with a white heart in it
Black short sweatpants
Black tears
Gray stockings (she hasn't got shoes)

Bio: In Hope's Peak Academy, there is a legend, that tells that in the first academy year, a little girl named Hanako, was bullied every day in there, and one day she died because the bullies, pushed her into the oven trying to do a prank but she burned alive. Now her ghost lives in the academy, only to play at night. She also hides watching the other students at day while tryies not to be seen by them. She sleeps in one dorm which is like the others but it looks abandoned, here she playis with her dolls or spends her time. Only Junko Enoshima knows about her. Even being a ghost, she can be hurted by anything, but she only will die by the fire
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The little gray girl was out of her room, even if Monokuma told her to not do that, she was curious about what was hapenning with the other students

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Full Name: Dalton Maki Akuma

Nickname: Maki

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Trap/Drag character: N/A

Birthday: 10/16/2000

Sexuality: Straight

Talent: Ultimate Hero

Forbidden action: can't attack first

Perks: martial arts, swordsman ship, leadership skills, strength and speed.

Flaws: oblivious to girls that like him.

Personality: tend to have calm, serene personality, very flirty, easily bored, shy, warm hearted, very chill.

Hobbies: working out, listening to music, reading, writing, and playing with my pets.

Likes: girls, food, people and animals

Dislikes: bullies, jerks, and people who hurt others and people that hurt animals

Bio: I am the ultimate hero. I worked hard to get there. I helped people around the world to try and make up for my cowardice. But I alway feel empty inside. I came to the school because I thought I will find a way to better myself but I never thought this would happen.

Theme Song:

Weapon: katana with an chain on the end.

Pets: wolf and baby tiger

Fears: that no one will love me for who I am.

(Black and white version of me on the left)

(Colored version of me on the right)
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Name: “Call me Orichi Matsumo”

Age: “I’m eighteen years old. Why you asking?”

Gender: “I’m a male. Are you blind?”

Ultimate/SHSL: “I’m the Ultimate Criminal, and I’m not ashamed”

Likes: “Blood, throwing the cops off while their investigating the crimes I committed, and stuff like that. I am the SHSL Criminal, by the way”

Dislikes: “I hate being trapped in small places, it’s hard to have fun there”

Sexuality: “Why?” ((Straight))

Pet(s): “A small, black, poisonous cobra. He’s usually around my neck”

Weapon(s): “A pocket knife. Would that be even counted as a weapon?”

Personality: "Calm, confusing, everything needed to be a good criminal. Most people don't understand me"

Appearance: “Look, I’m standing in front of you” ((Black shirt, gray vest, light gray trousers, white shoes, face in photo))

Bio: “Why should I tell you? Fine, I’ll tell. It’s simple, I hated and killed my parents, and started robbing banks for money to live. Then, to cover up my identity, I killed all the witnesses. The police investigated, and I threw them off track by leaving a piece of a torn white shirt. I had fun doing that. I was never caught, but I was the police’s main suspect though. So that’s why I got an invitation from Hope’s Peak, that asked me to come to their academy with the title of the Ultimate Criminal. I accepted it, of course, but not for education, but to have a bit of fun”


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Name: Usagi Kenchi
Age: Twenty
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Ultimate: Gardener
Personality: Shy and caring
Likes: Flowers
Dislikes: Dark places
Skills: Adaption
Weaknesses: Stamina
Appearance: Le photo
Bio: A normal Japanese girl life B)

(Apologies for my inactivity, and I promise it will never happen again)

The monitor screen lit up to reveal Monokuma waving "Alright kiddos! It's the first time limit! Be sure to get a good~ night's~ sleep~" He yawns and the monitor screen flickers off


The screen flickered on again "It's time! It's time to get up and hunting! Who died this time limit? Upupupu~" He chuckles at the sight of the young future foundation member bleeding to death in one of the hallways "Ahem! Anyways, Good luck~" The light from the monitor fades away once more

Hajime was wondering around the building hoping to find the power room and he bump into you
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