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Abandoned Castles and Amazing Views.

Short and fun live stream from today´s day trip to Chinchon! Would love for you guys to check it out :)


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Hi lovely people! New video today for me about Madrid.

10 Things to do in Madrid with friends in Summer 2017

Enjoy guys! Have you done any of these things btw?

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Cruelty? Tradition? Psychotic? Reasonable?
Guys, after I visited San Fermin last week, I came back to Madrid and started asking people's opinions on the festival, whether they have been there or not.
I then took those answers and insights and shared them on my channel in a live stream.
It was so interesting and some very interesting and tough questions came up!
I would love to know what you guys think and would love you to watch this video!

Coming up next on my channel: What really happens to the bulls of San Fermin.
and Other things to do in Pamplona that have nothing to do with San Fermin.

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Went live from San fermin 2017 in Pamplona Spain.
Enjoy guys and sorry it's a little blurry, I have no idea what happened.

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A live video from the San Fermin street parties. White and red paint the streets and people dance to live music, it's great!
Guys I am so sorry the start of the video is blurry ... but keep watching it gets better!! I have no idea what happened to the video.

Hi everyone,
I'm doing some research and would like to know ....
For those who both, have and haven't been to San Fermin, what are your thoughts on the festival? San Fermin is more commonly known as the running of the bulls to foreigners and they also have street parties with dancing and music and an amusement park of rides is set up. You also get to explore the Spanish city of Pamplona.
I want to know your thoughts on the bull runs, your thoughts on going to the event without seeing a single bull but the other things like the food and parties, if you go does it automatically mean you support the bull runs, is eating red meat different from going to the bull runs/supporting the festival (if yes, how. If no, why). Anything else you want to add?

Thanks in advance everyone

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Hey everyone :)
Tomorrow I am going to Pamplona in Spain for the San Fermin festival.
I will be going live on youtube to show everyone the event and would just like to invite you to join us. Subscribe and you will be notified when I am live.
Have a great weekend!

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July in Spain it´s a month of Festivities and Tauromachy starting with #Sanfermines of #Pamplona and ending with July Fair #GranFiraVLC in #Valencia During which a lot of cultural and touristic events take place in the Plaza de Toros (Bullring) and throughout the city.

Bullring info. 📰

Bullring tickets 🎟️

General info.📰
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