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The ink has quit feeding in my printer. I noticed that the roller that grabs the ink is pushed back too far. I can manually pull it out with a pair of needlenose but it goes right back once the ink starts feeding. The attached pictures show the part in the correct and incorrect position. I sent an email to tech support this morning.
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Hello everyone! I just found this incredible community! It's been a while since I bought my M3D and after the first few months I started getting this problem when my prints start getting underextruded until eventually it's just the head moving around and no filament comes out! I changed the extruder core, I use the M3D software and use M3D's filament, I don't know what's going on with my damned machine!

Carbon Fiber Issues

I used to be able to print carbon fiber items without any issues for a long while now. All of a sudden, a few weeks ago every time I try to print with carbon fiber the nozzle clogs. Even after I put in a brand new nozzle it won't even finish a print without clogging. i have blown through so many nozzles it's getting ridiculous. I even use cleaning filament every time I remove a filament to make sure I'm cleaning everything inside. Has anyone else experienced this issue and knows how to fix it? I think it would be absurd that Micro would be selling the filament if everyone is having this same issue, or maybe I'm just the special snowflake here with bad luck. Any help would be great, thank you!

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First backlash calibration print... Looks like Y is out to me but do I do baby steps or just adjust by .5 and work backwards? what's the symptom of having gone too far?

Been printing non stop since getting my micro going yesterday. Done 7 small prints, all successful. Today for the first time I had a print that curled up at the corners and came unstuck. Had to abort. I'm sure this is something addressed somewhere, I was wondering if anyone could steer me towards troubleshooting links or offer advice specific to the Micro?

Hi folks, I am hoping someone can help. I have a micro that has never seemed to work out of the box. The company is horribly bad at helping, I can only imagine they are run by autistic nerds without the slightest hint of inter-personal or customer service skills.

I keep running into the same problem. I try to load a spool externally but it does not catch. I've repeated the process dozens of times, jamming the tip in at every possible angle and nothing. I spent all this money and the damn thing never printed anything, and this crooked company will not help. I'm on mac. Does anyone have any ideas or tricks for how to load the spool externally and get it to grab???? Please help, I'm ready to smash this hunk of garbage and sue the company.

Hi, I am new, I had my Micro for a few months now, I started printing big stuff whiteout problem, but since now I had problems, the printer head got stuck often, and sometimes half work it stops and go up in a jump.

I changed sistema from windows to mac, and go using windows 7 even, but the problem don´t look solved.

ON MAC: It only got stuck.

ON WINDOWS: its starts but suddenly stops or jumps position way of the print.

The filaments I use are black, clear and pearl from m3d.

Thanks for your time, I hope to upload pictures soon.

What is the optimal temperature to run when printing parts? Does the quality and in-fill dictate as well as the PLA? I am using Tough Ink at the moment.

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This is another useful guide which help me to correct my backlash. After i had done this my print improved as compared to previous without this adjustment. Hope this will benefit other M3D user who is struggling to get a good print.

what is the best way to handle 'banding' or very pronounced striations in the print? is it a heat issue? quality setting?

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