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Okay here's a summary...
Actually it's kinda hard to explain,let's just say everyone has powers! :P
Okay more explanation!There is an elite force of heroes called the Guardians!
And this comic will follow the guardian group Orbit,Barret,Markus,and Pamela!On their realization being a hero is pretty freakin hard!
This comic will mostly be comedy with lots of referencing, but occasionally it will take a serious turn!
Oh yeah did I mention the terrifying monsters?
More about that later!For now bask in my mediocre art style!And expect moar of that!

Real quick to mention I actually have a few big plots in mind!I just need to find a fitting way to start it...and also I should improve my art!

OC Sweepstakes is a way your OC can be an actual character in my comic!And on updates I got a good way to start and vol 1 script is being developed!

I'm still trying to find a good way to kick off the series!
But for now it'll be character announcements and some other things!It'll be posted on Taptastic!
When Vol 1 DOES come out I support the fans in every way!
And even if your OC fits the bill,make it a character for the comic!
But more on that later!
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