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Check out Part 1 of our conversation with Paizo Publishing and learn the in's and out's of Pathfinder!


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Kickstarter is a GO!

We're up everyone, please hop over to Kickstarter and check out our campaign. If nothing else watch our video and make fun of our terrible acting, poor camera work, and abysmal editing.

Thanks for looking!
Kickstarter is a GO!

We're up everyone, please hop over to Kickstarter and check out our campaign. If nothing else watch our video and make fun of our terrible acting, poor camera work, and abysmal editing.

Thanks for looking!

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This week I’d like to get your thoughts on some additional RPGsmith Screens

Party Screen – The player view of the other members in the group. From here you can see high level stats (GM selected) and gain quick access to other player interactions such as Inspection, Trade, and Message.

Random Tables – This section while simplistic in appearance can be very powerful. GMs can create, sort, and group random table information in a friendly format for quick access. Like all tiles in the app these can be re-positioned, re-sized, & colored to suit your preferences.

Character (Mobile) – Many of you have asked what the mobile version looks like. Here is a shot of the Character screen re-sized to display on a mobile device.

Character Screen (D&D) – Another frequent request is to see ulterior versions of the Character sheet. Here is a possible configuration of a character sheet for 5e. Again, like all aspects of RPGsmith, this is customizable by the GM through a simple, intuitive interface.

Next Friday (December 18th 2015) we will be launching our Kickstarter to raise funding to get this made. Please help us out by spreading the word and of course pledging. Thank you!

More Images and Information Available at RPGsmith.com
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Anyone here active?

Anyone doing PFS play here? Looking for group to play my 7th level sorceror

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CRAGMAW CASTLE – Proceeding to the King’s Quarters
After having killed the grick in the dark hall (8), the party rested for an hour while Franco kept guard. Afterwards they moved slowly further towards the ruined tower (11).
It had almost completely collapsed, although the ground floor still had a little open space. Rotting crates and ancient barrels showed that provisions were once stored here. A heavy curtain blocked a crumbling area to the south and an intact door lead east. To the north, a short passage through the rubble ended before a screen of canvas (see white text box on DM book page 39).
Noble fighter Robert went first, followed by Lionel the cleric, Franco the fighter, Messines the rogue and Parlesvous the wizard.
The party didn’t find anything of interest here and went southward again, to investigate the guard barracks (12).
A stone brazier full of coals glowed in the middle of this small barracks. Four straw pallets were lined up along the east wall. The wall to the south had collapsed, but a barren wooden door in that direction was still clear. A curtain hung in an archway to the north (see white text box on DM book page 40). The area was once a parlor for the castle’s human occupants though its rotted furnishings were broken up by the Cragmaws and used for firewood now.
Two hobgoblins guarded the room, smart and loyal to King Grol (See Part A – Roll Initiative). 
Franco was the first to dash into the room and as far as possible north to interrupt a hobgoblin from running away (see pic 1 and 2). It was then the fight started immediately as Franco fired an arrow at the hobgoblin archer, wounding him slightly in the thigh (see Part B – Battle in the Barracks). But the hobgoblin was so quick, he dashed off north, bleeding but as adrenaline rushed through his veins, he dashed off like a rabbit spurting through the corridor to warn King Grol in the King’s Quarters (see pic 3).
Robert moved inside now and struck with his greataxe at the hobgoblin warrior, who ducked. ‘Miss!’, screamed the noble fighter, much to the relief of his opponent (see pic 4).
Lionel had also moved inside, behind Robert and threw his handaxe, as the opponent was too far to strike with his warhammer. He too missed!
However, when the wizard threw three magic missiles, striking the hobgoblin warrior simultaneously on his chest, the doomed opponent fell on his back, mumbling strange terminal sounding hobgoblin words. ‘One down for me!’, the wizard yelled (see pic 5). The others were relieved as they could now focus on the hobgoblin who had run away. Messines joined the party: ‘Seems I missed all the fun!’
‘Don’t worry! There’s more to come!’, smiled Franco (see pic 6).
So the party moved north towards the King’s Quarters.

The King’s Quarters had been set up as a crude living space, with thick furs thrown on the floor to serve as carpets. Old trophies hung on the walls, a large bed to the north and a brazier of coals burning brightly. A round table with several chairs stood to the south near the door. Near the table, on the floor, was an unconscious dwarf which looked badly beaten (see white box in DM book page 40).
At the time the wounded hobgoblin archer ran into King Grol’s Quarters, King Grol had been in a heated discussion with Vyerith, a messenger from the Black Spider who came to collect Gundren Rockseeker and the map of Wave Echo Cave. Grol wanted to sell the map instead of surrendering it and they were negotiating a price.
As the villains had been warned by now by the wounded hobgoblin archer, Vyerith, a doppelganger disguised as a female drow, hid behind the door to the northeast, leaving it open a crack and hoping to attack an intruder from the rear. King Grol held Gundren Rockseeker, the unconscious and badly beaten dwarf, hostage, ready to kill him if the intruders would not back off in due time (see pic 7)!
Thus, the party of champions arrived near the King’s Quarters, chasing the wounded hobgoblin archer and thinking they would find him and a few of his warrior friends.
The party thus moved on: Franco taking the lead, followed by Robert, Messines, Parlesvous and Lionel. So they gathered, ready to enter the King’s Quarters (see pic 8).
Franco opened the door slightly and saw King Grol bending over Gundren Rockseeker with a threatening Morningstar.
‘Dare to enter and I bash his skull to smithereens!’, roared the bugbear.
Franco knew he meant it and all other party members had heard the bellowing voice of the bugbear, making them shiver as he truly sounded as menacing as he looked (though only Franco had seen him through the narrowly opened door). They knew they were in for a real bloody experience with nasty consequences this time! The growling noise of the wolf Snarl, who attended King Grol, was underlying the threatening words of the goblin king who held a superior stand in his quarter now.
‘We can’t just run away and let him chase half the goblin army after us!’, whispered Messines. Robert nodded. This really was an enormous dilemma!
If they rushed in, King Grol would surely kill the dwarf lying unconscious in the southwest corner of the chamber. If they ran, they would be hunted down as King Grol would send every goblin after them whom they had not killed yet.
‘I’ll take an aim at him anyway!’, whispered Franco and as soon as he had spoken these words, an arrow flung through the air at the unsuspecting King Grol (Roll Initiative – See Part C).
The arrow struck King Grol in the left shoulder and this was exactly the arm in which he had held his Morningstar, dropping it to the floor besides a still unconscious Gundren Rockseeker (See Part D – Battle in the King’s Quarters).
But King Grol as alert as he was and slightly wounded, threw a javelin at Franco without leaving the side of Gundren Rockseeker, still not killing the dwarf as he wanted to wound the fighter taking half cover behind the door. The javelin flew through the small opening, hurting Franco slightly at the shoulder as well. Exactly behind it, came an arrow from the hobgoblin archer who had warned King Grol and wounded Franco as well, lightly above the spot where the javelin of the king of goblins had struck the fighter. Franco yelled but was still able to stand and fight.
Doppelganger Vyerith was hiding and remaining silent but reading the thoughts of Robert who was only thinking of a killing blow, and got frightened from the thoughts of death and war the noble fighter spread around. As it seemed to be his turn to get into the action, he jumped right in front of King Grol giving him an immense blow with his greataxe (see pic 9).
Parlesvous moved inside as well, throwing magic missiles at King Grol and almost finishing him (see pic 10). Messines hurried inside to shoot an arrow but missed (see pic 11)! The wolf on its turn, attacked Robert who could avoid the bite and so Snarl missed. Luckily for Robert (see pic 12).
Cleric Lionel used a spell of spiritual weapon which manifested itself like a gigantic hammer in the room, bashing on the hobgoblin archer and the wolf (see pic 13).
Franco had enough of the king of goblins and a large arrow flung from his bow right through the skull of King Groll, ending his reign in Cragmaw Castle with a squishing sound (see pic 14).
The hobgoblin archer fired at the wizard and missed but shot again and hurt him in his left lower leg. A magical ‘ouch’ was heard but as the wizard kept standing, the champions kept their wits together to concentrate on the fight.
It was at that moment, the doppelganger Vyerith attacked Lionel with surprise and slammed him unconscious (see pic 15).
With a huge swing of his greataxe, Robert halved the wolf in two pieces (see pic 16), splattering guts and blood allover the room like a red fountain splattering its last drops of red tainted water, much to the relief of the others who had been very aware of the dangerous teeth of the beast!
Wizard Parlesvous sent a devastating chromatic orb at the doppelganger who hid behind the door, still creating a lot of damage to Vyerith, who almost toppled over due to the fire damage the creature had received.
Messines shot at the hobgoblin archer but missed again! But Franco rushed forward to the hobgoblin archer to mow him down with his greatsword, cutting and disemboweling the opponent in such a gruesome way, the wall of the King’s Quarter was completely covered in hobgoblin blood (see pic 17).
But doppelganger Vyerith had a plan. While the others had been in combat with the hobgoblin archer, enjoying the slaughter, it had changed its shape in the form of Lionel and had pulled the body of the unconscious cleric inside the old bathroom, acting as if it was the cleric himself (see pic 18) and tried to escape (see pic 19)!
‘It’s hiding inside!’ he yelled to the champions, making them believe he was Lionel.
‘Then bash its head!’, yelled Robert back!
The others saw ‘Lionel’ doubt and refuse to enter the old bathroom. He had not taken his warhammer either and had been unconscious just a moment before!
‘How come you are conscious all of a sudden?”, asked Franco.
‘I didn’t give him a healing potion!’, whispered Parlesvous the wizard, who swung a small bottle in his hand, showing the others he had still not used it!
Vyerith knew at that moment, his disguise had not worked and the champions had outwitted him, so he ran! The noble fighter Robert however pursued the doppelganger and swung his greataxe with such ferocity, he badly wounded Vyerith (see pic 20).
Parlesvous sent another chromatic orb, hurling with fire at the doppelganger, which exploded with such ferocity, he burnt completely at the spot leaving only cinders and ashes (see pic 21)…
‘Hurray! We made it!’, yelled Franco and Robert looked back almost in disbelief as he had thought the doppelganger to be Lionel at first.
It was Messines who found the unconscious cleric in the old bathroom. Parlesvous aided him with a healing potion.
Gundren was revived as well and immediately thanked the party for saving him. But he refused to leave the castle without his map, so everybody started searching and eventually Messines the rogue found it under Grol’s bed mattress, as well as three healing potions and a small treasure of money.

Part A – Roll Initiative:
The characters have become Level 4 by now. Some dex modifiers were raised to +4.
Battle Order: Franco, Hobgoblin Archer (HA), Robert, Lionel, Parlesvous, Hobgoblin Warrior (HW), Messines

Part B – Battle in the Barracks:
+ Franco (HP 32) – moved 30 ft – uses longbow – Hobgoblin Archer (HA)(HP 11):
   13+8=21, AC HA is 18 = HIT > 1d8 (4)+3=7, HP 11-7 = HP 4 left for HA
+ HA (HP 4) – longbow – moves 30 ft (6 blocks) after combat – attacks Franco (HP 32)
   18+3=21, AC Franco is 17 = HIT -> 1d8 (2)+1=3, HP 32-3 = HP 29 left for Franco
   The Hobgoblin Archer runs away after combat to the north to warn King Grol in room 14
+ Robert (HP 26) – moves 10 ft - uses greataxe – Hobgoblin Warrior (HW)(HP 11)
+ Lionel (HP 12) – moves 25 ft –uses handaxe – HW (HP 11)
   8+4=12, AC HW is 18 = miss
+ Parlesvous (HP 16) – moves 30 ft – uses ‘magic missile’ – HW (HP 11)
   3d4 (3+4+3)+3=13, HP 11 – 13 = a dead hobgoblin warrior
+ HW is dead… just got killed by Parlesvous
+ Messines (HP 22) – moves 25 ft

Part C – Roll Initiative:
As Franco is the first to fire an arrow at the unsuspecting king fo the goblins, he is the first in line to enter combat.
The Init Roll decided the rest. After Franco, it was King Grol to do an action, then the Hobgoblin Archer (HA) who had warned the king of the goblins, followed by Vyerith behind the door, then Robert, then Parlesvous, followed by Messines the rogue, then the wolf of Grol, and at last cleric Lionel.

Part D – Battle in the King’s Quarters:
+ Franco (HP 29) longbow – King Grol (KG)(HP 45)
   18+8=26, AC KG is 16 = HIT -> 1d8 (2)+3=5, HP 45 – 5 = 40 HP left for King Grol
+ KG (HP 40) – javelin – Franco (HP 29)
   18+4=22, AC Franco is 17 + 2 (half cover behind door, PHB 196)= 19 = HIT -> 1d6 (2)+2=4, HP 29 – 4 = HP 25 left for Franco
+ Hobgoblin Archer (HA)(HP 11) – longbow – Franco (HP 25)
   Franco still has half cover (adding 2 AC to his AC 17) = AC 19 for the time being
   16+3=19, AC Franco is 19 = HIT -> 1d8 (2)+1=3, HP 25 – 3 = HP 22 left for Franco
+ Doppelganger Vyerith (DV)(HP 52) – reading thoughts of Robert who prepares to dash into the room to attack King Grol, she keeps still and prepares for a fight…
+ Robert (HP 26) – moves 20 ft inside – greataxe – KG (HP 40)
   12+6=18, AC KG is 16 = HIT -> 1d12 (6)+3=9, HP 40 – 9 = HP 31 left for KG
   Spends 1 superiority die to Franco (commander’s strike,PHB 74)
   Franco (HP 22) – longbow – KG (HP 31)
   20 = CRITICAL HIT (double damage, PHB 196) -> 2d8 (7+3)+3=13, HP 31 – 13 = HP 18 left for KG
+ Parlesvous (HP 16) – moves 25 ft - magic missile L2 – KG (HP 18)
   4d4 (4+4+1+2)+4=15, HP 18 – 15 = HP 3 left for KG
+ Messines (HP 22) – moves 25ft – shortbow – HA (HP 11)
   2+6=8, AC HA is 18 = miss
+ Wolf (HP 18) – moves 5 ft – bite – Robert (HP 26)
+ Lionel (HP 12) – moves 25 ft – spiritual weapon – HA (HP 11)
   12+6=18, AC HA is 18 = HIT -> 1d8 (4) + 4 (WIS)=8, HP 11 – 8 = HP 3 left for HA
   Bonus action: move spiritual weapon up to 20 ft and repeat the action… 5ft of another opponent, chosing the Wolf Snarl
   Lionel (HP 12) – spiritual weapon as bonus action – Wolf (HP 18)
   19+6=25, AC Wolf is 13 = HIT -> 1d8 (4) + 4 (WIS) = 8, HP 18 – 8 = HP 10 left for the Wolf

+ Franco (HP 22) – moves 5 ft inside – longbow – KG (HP 3)
   20 is a CRITICAL HIT -> 2d8 (1+4)+3=8, HP 3 – 8 = A DEAD KING GROL
+ King Grol…. Just died
+ HA (HP 3) – longbow – Parlesvous (HP 16)
   7+3=10, AC Parlesvous is 12 = miss
   Martial advantage, he shoots again (see DM book page 59)
   16+3=19, AC Parlesvous is 12 = HIT -> 2d6 (5+1)=6, HP 16 – 6 = HP 10 left for Parlesvous
+ DV (HP 52) – surprise attack (advantage, DM book page 57) – multiattack – Lionel (HP 12)
   12/17 -> 17+6=23, AC Lionel is 19 = HIT -> 1d6 (3)+4=7, HP 12 – 7 = HP 5 left for Lionel
   3/17 -> 17+6=23, AC Lionel is 19 = HIT -> 1d6 (6)+4=10, HP 5 – 10 = HP 0, thus an UNCONSCIOUS LIONEL !
+ Robert (HP 26) – greataxe – Wolf (HP 10)
   19 = IMPROVED CRITICAL (double damage) + 6 = 25, AC Wolf is 13 = HIT -> 2d12 (2+9)+3=14, HP 10 – 14 = A DEAD WOLF SNARL
+ Parlesvous (HP 10) – chromatic orb Level 2 – DV (HP 52)
   15+6=21, AC DV is 14+2 (half cover behind door)=16 = HIT -> 4d8 (6+6+3+8)=23, HP 52 – 23 = HP 29 left for DV
+ Messines (HP 22) – shortbow – HA (HP 3)
   7+6=13, AC HA is 18 = miss
+ Wolf is dead.
+ Lionel (HP 0) – death saving throw 1 (PHB 197): roll 4 = FAIL 1

+ Franco (HP 22) – moves 20 ft – greatsword – HA (HP 3)
   16+5=21, AC HA is 18 = HIT -> 2d6 (3+2)+2=7, HP 3 – 7 = A DEAD HOBGOBLIN ARCHER
+ King Grol is dead.
+ Hobgoblin Archer was just killed by Franco.
+ DV (HP 29) – shape changes into Lionel… and tries to escape
+ Robert (HP 26) – moves 25 ft – greataxe – DV (HP 29)
   11+6=17, AC DV is 14 = HIT -> 1d12 (8)+3=11, HP 29 – 11 = HP 18 left for DV
+ Parlesvous (HP 10) – moves 20 ft – chromatic orb L2 – DV (HP 18)
   12+6=18, AC DV is 14 = HIT -> 4d8 (6+4+3+5) fire damage = 18, HP 18 – 18 = A DEAD VYERITH
+ Messines (HP 22) – moves 25 ft to old bathroom where he found the real Lionel unconscious
+ Lionel (HP 0): death saving throw 2: 19: SUCCESS 1
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