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Name: hunter abyss
Race: human experiment
Gender male
Sexuality straight
Profession: a hacker slash assain
Age 20

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Anybody who would like to rp with me?

I need a bully turned lover to rp with me. I walk down the alley and u see me. U continue

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[Name] Kai Hayashi
[Age] 18
[Race] half demon
[Grade] 12

You were the most popular guy at school and was also known as kind of a player but everyone loved you, especially the girls. You flirted with almost every girl you met and you never stayed with one girl longer than a month, it was mainly just a game for you, you didnt care if you hurt the girls afterwards... I was the new girl at the school year and even on my first day I had already heard all about you and knew i wanted nothing to do with you. ..I had made friends pretty quickly because of my kind nature, i had even made friends with some of your friends, though they were only trying to get close to try and 'date me'... when you first saw me you just saw me as another girl for you to toy with, you put on your charming smile when you saw me and walked over to me as i stopped at my locker, i had hardly given you a proper look before turning away again and simple walking away, at this you were surprised and froze as you watched me walk away from you, no girl had ever ditched you or ignored you like that but this only made this more interesting for you...everyday after that you tried to get me to talk to you, using sine if your best moves to get me but everytime you did I would just ignore you, even after a few months nothing had changed... I was in your class, sitting at the front of the class like I always would while you stayed at the back, only a few rows behind me, you glared at me in frustration for most of the lesson, not that you ever really payed attention... you didn't understand why I was the only girl that seemed to hate you, in truth i did actually find you cute like the other girls but i refused to let you know that or to let you get close, knowing it wouldnt mean anything to you...I simple didn't want to get hurt... at the end of class everyone headed to the cafeteria, and usually I would do the same but instead I walked to the library to try and get some extra study, I pick up my things and walks to the library, you noticed this and decided to follow, you were still mad by how I ignored you so you wanted to try and find out why I did so... I walked into the library now and set out all my notes and work books, when you walked into the library you had a quick look around and saw that I was the only one here, you smirked now and watched as I went over to the shelves, trying to reach up to get a book for class but I couldn't quite reach it, you silently walked uo behind me now and grabbed the book for me and then. ..


"Oh My God! Did You See The New English teacher?! He Is To Die For!!" Girls shrieked as they saw Mr. (Y/N) walk passed them. He gave them a smirk, causing the girls melt. Just by the sight of him made the girls wet, especially Brittany a transfer student was the most hottest and sweetest girl in school. Though she looked like an arrogant girl, she was a very intelligent girl. She dressed very slutty, wearing very short skirt, almost showing her panties, and very revealing blouses. Causing every male student and staff get hard. She wasn't the kind of girl who would sleep every single guy she sees. Brittany just wants to find the one Brittany took a seat on the first row of the class. Without knowing, she left her legs wide open. (Y/N) could really concentrate, since he couldn't keep his eyes off her. So after school, (Y/N) suggest to?

((I will make a profile real quick too please name your cater too please))

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Name: Lilith
age: 18
race: Half Demon
Likes: sweets, spicy food, animals
Dislikes: people who hurt animals, hurting animals and people, bullies
Personality: A bit shy at first, but once I trust you I'll open up.

I walk down the street and see you. Need a bully turned lover. Need a boy

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Name: hector
age: looks 17 ( real age unknown )
race: demon
Likes: meat slow cooked
Dislikes: ass hole that cheat and don't play fair , sun rise
Personality: smart and cocky sometimes , mostly shy tho
looks; ( image)
bio: was raise on a farm and gone traveling using only my know how

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Hello loves I'm Amy the leader of this community and welcome to a place where anyone can do romance. Hentia. Horror. Or random types of role plays any sexuality is welcome no judgment enjoy loves.
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