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Character Sheet:


//Nickname(s):// Ty

//Species:// Human

//Home Planet:// Naboo


-Force Push
-Force Grip
-Force Lightning
-Force Repulse
-Force Choke
-Force Speed
-Force Jump/Leap
-Force Pull
-Force Throw
-Force Control Pain
-Force Sense
-Force Shield
-Force Resonate
-Force Masking
-Force Dark Aura
-Force Of Dark Shadow
-Force Electronic Communication
-Force Beast Language
-Force Absorb/Dissipate
-Force Enhancement
-Force Illusions
-Force Sabre Throw
-Sith Sorcery
-Sith Alchemy
-Force Levitate

//Light/Dark Side:// Dark side

//Occupation:// Sith

//Rank:// Sith inquisitor

//Gender:// Male

//Age:// 26

//Strengths:// uknown

//Weaknesses:// uknown

//Likes:// uknown

//Dislikes:// uknown

//Weapon(s):// black lightsaber

//Secret(s):// none

//Personality:// uknown

//Bio:// uknown

//Appearance:// Picture

//Other:// none

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Rowan knocks on Lennon's door a few days later. She taps her foot nervously looking over her shoulder. (+Lilly)
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Character Sheet:

//Name:// Taylor Tatiana Snow

//Nickname(s):// Tatty,, Tat, Tay, Snow, Tiana, Tania

//Species:// Unknown/Not found

//Home Planet:// Exocron

//Abilities:// Technopathy: The ability to summon/move technological items, or materials used to make machines
Telepathy: To talk through minds, and be able to read minds

//Light/Dark Side:// 95% light. Also known as 9.5/10

//Occupation:// adventurer and scientist

//Rank:// Spy/Hero (Female, of course)

//Gender:// Female, of course

//Age:// 15

//Strengths:// Fighting, being secret, Inventing, Building, Planning

//Weaknesses:// Bad smell and Darkness.. Both of them annoy her, and slow her down.. Also, creepy bugs

//Likes:// From technology to people, she likes everything

//Dislikes:// Bad smell, Darkness, Bugs

//Weapon(s):// Bow and poisoned ice arrows with fire tip(Ability to burst like a bomb once it hits somewhere), Light saber(Pink)

//Secret(s):// None. Since she doesn't have any friends, and is  a spy, she is hidden and has no one to talk to.

//Personality:// Smart-mouthed, Sarcastic, Slight Show-off, A BIT crazy for boys

//Bio:// She was born and raised till she turned 2. Then her parents died, and she went into hiding with help from adults. She ran and ran as she turned 11, then became a modern-style adventurer. She has been a spy and has been discovering things unknown till now. She rarely meets someone she likes.

//Appearance:// Picture

//Other:// none

Um... If you are still up, I am ready to be moderator... I check the internet everyday and if it's not a problem, I'm ready to give Ideas to this community. However, I would like a say in the decisions whether my ideas are to be carried through or not

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Rowan walks swiftly through the corridors of the resistance base looking for something. (+Lilly ;;)

~on tatooine~
Kat is walking around the market, she is holding a pic axe and has a bag of gold fresh from the mines. Her tail sways as she walks and her ears move to listen to people talking (at this time she is not a padawan or jedi)

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//Name:// Lennon Griffin

//Nickname(s):// Griffin

//Species:// Human

//Home Planet:// Naboo

//Abilities:// martial arts, she's sensitive to the force

//Light/Dark Side:// Light 8/10 of the time

//Occupation:// she works at Jabba's Palace


//Gender:// female

//Age:// 18

//Strengths:// fighting

//Weaknesses:// using blasters

//Likes:// her freedom, helping people

//Dislikes:// man whores, cruel people

//Weapon(s):// a sword and a couple throwing knives

//Secret(s):// She doesn't really have any

//Personality:// sarcastic, stubborn, funny, kind

//Bio:// someone brought her to Jabba when she was a baby

//Appearance:// pictures ⬇

//Other:// She doesn't know she's sensitive to the force

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Lennon is working behind the bar at Jabba's palace on Tatooine she's filling up a glass when you walk in.... ( +pepe wentz​)

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//Name:// Rowan Stark

//Nickname(s):// Row, Stark

//Species:// Human

//Home Planet:// Hosnian Prime

//Abilities:// Skilled with a light saber, nearly a master of the force

//Light/Dark Side:// 6/10 light side

//Rank:// Jedi Knight

//Gender:// Female

//Age:// 23

//Strengths:// Independent, Natural leader, Good in battle, Vast knowledge of the empire

//Weaknesses:// Doesn't like other's help, often tempted by the dark side

//Likes:// Working Alone, Battle, Training

//Dislikes:// Having to work with others, Leaving home

//Weapon(s):// Lightsaber (purple)

//Secret(s):// Constantly contemplates joining the dark side

//Personality:// Independent, Confident, Lonely, Cold, Dark

//Bio:// She lived with her mom for a while but she died when Rowan was around the age of 9, she then went out seeking a jedi master and spent the rest of her life training to become a jedi. She now works for the resistance.

//Appearance:// Pictures

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