hey guys I think i'm being bullied....

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I found this... on g+

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you look irritated have a ticci toby! this section lets you tell why you are so upset tell your feelings don't be rude about it commenters!
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things I edited for the teletubby I saw....
these are the 3 expressions I had when I saw the one on top of the faces!
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Song of the day #random   #song  

Announcement those who want to stay in this group must be obedient to this group meaning (No Inappropriate memes nor images you can do that on hangouts but I would advise you not to  because there are young children and tweens on this site. you have been warned please post things in the RIGHT category. they will not be taken down but if you are too lazy and or doing it over and over then we will have to take it down but you can repost into the Right category this time. this does not mean being banned that would be stupid and would be insignificant and irrelevant to the topic. any suggestions will go into the suggestions category any objections? Good. my only rules left are be safe.. have fun.. and BE NICE nobody likes bullies!) I will repost this if there are too many posts to where it is too long down the list! is this clear? awesome! have a great time!) 
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