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Collection of images from Rygeon in 2007 in Second Life and the new Rygeon at the EndoftheMetaverse
The Realm of Rygeon
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The Queen of Rygeon on her Throne. Hypergate Address: Queen's Castle

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In 2005 I was always on Second Life and my teenage nephew was always watching complex anime series when his 9-year-old sister demanded to be let in on the fun. So I authored a fantasy story with her. She threw in all of the elements she picked up from her brother's anime tales and my exploits in SL.

She didn't know how to spell 'region' ( a word she heard me use in SL meaning the area I was in), so she named our story "RYGEON: The ageless tale of love, loss, war and magic."

There are six tales in the series spanning over 5,000 years. Here is the first story.

Those of you who visit 3D worlds can walk through the strory world at Hypergate address: Realm of Rygeon. Enjoy.
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