Hey Guys! Come on down to Bailey's Battle field some time and come do some tactical training/competing in the Taliban Vs. US military event! Located at 1300 Kilburn Bridge Rd, Niangua, MO 65713 

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This group is for people who are committed to being in Marines/Army in the future! This site is for people to discuss military. Please note this is also a good site to meet friends and meet up to join together! Also find your local recruiter and see about doing Physical Training with the Marines/Army!

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My air-soft training Saturday in Springfield Missouri! Please note also i'm 16 cause in this videos i look older! Air-soft training helps you learn to move as a fire team and be effective when you join the real military. The more experience the better.We take it dead serous too! If you get shot on that field we count that as us messing up and a death!
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