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Character sheet!! down below!


nick name:(optional)

Strategy skill level: 1-10
Strength skill level: 1-10
Teamwork skill level: 1-10


Noctis roamed the school alone

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sits at a table in death bucks................ i need a weapon.......... +Raven Archer flying high over titans 

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''is that a cookie in your hand...? may i have it?'' '

Name: Taiga Howaitotaigā (nick name: white tiger or anything other chars come up with)
Age: 15
weight: 100
Gender: female
Birth: 10/13
SO: Bi
Partner: None yet
Weapon forms: (common)Tiger claws ,(uncommon)Soul Reaver(scythe) and (rare)Celestial Blade (sword-will be available once she gets a higher level
Class: NOT (only for development purposes)
Kuretsusen:The meister can use sound in a way that allows them to cut through matter from a distance. Although this attack does usually slashing damage, some users are able to focus it into single piercing stab like immaterial bullet, (used mostly with the scythe)

Roar: The meister can emit a sound blast at enemies, that can stun, and or lower the defense of who they are fighting .

Wall climb: the meister can also use the tiger claw weapon to scale walls but only to a certain extent 

Slash(heavy): deals more damage than its counterpart, is slower, to use this you need to think more about timing
Slash(light): deals less damage than its counterpart, quick and easier to use 

(will be more abilities)

 Current Limitations
May only be wielded by its creator or someone the weapon chooses.
May have a will of its own. (this leans more to the Celestial blade mode)
Weapon can be corrupted.
May have certain conditions so that it can be use.
May need to be in perfect balance with the weapon.

Personality: at times she is really quiet, a day dreamer. kind. likes to help others out anyway she can, curious. cautious,  

Bio: Taiga,  had been left behind by her mother in order to keep her from being killed by meisters, and she now attends DWMA. she always carries around her bunny plush and sometimes if you play close attention to her you can catch her whispering to her bunny and she has a slight addiction to sweets ( not very good with
she knew that she was a witch when she was little because she always helped her mother out with small jobs her mother was careful not to send her on wild ones what would get her possibly killed. but when her mom left her, Taiga ended up killing two pedofiles when she was cornered when her scythe blades suddenly came up and out of her backside, curving around to the front of her impaling the men deep into the chest area
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''asymmetrical trash....''

Name: Death The Kid

Age: 15.

Height: 5'7

Personality: uptight, prideful, calm and mature

Strategy skill level: 8
Strength skill level: 9.5
Teamwork skill level: 8

Death the Kid was born from a fragment of Shinigami's own soul to have a shinigami who was able to move freely. In an effort to ensure he doesn't turn out much like Asura, he was purposely born with a childish nature so he may learn fear much like humans would and was given incomplete Lines Of Sanzu.
Much detail is unknown about Death the Kid's upbringing. However, he was trained by his father to be his next heir. Kid himself worked hard to be the next generation shinigami, unaware of the his father's fate once he becomes complete. He would learn that while shinigamis are generally perceived to be beings that either uphold absolute order or govern the cross between the life and death of others; they are about maintaining balance

As he got older, he grew a reputation for being a very talented and able fighter. Many students felt as if no one could compete with him. Eventually, he expanded his interest in being a meister for his own specification.He eventually heard of the Thompson Sisters and was said to bring them into custody.

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walks into class, almost late and sits down, pulling her collar up...............

quote:"Perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away"-Unknown

nick name:Black Tiger or Yin
Personality:Quiet, easily angered, doesn't relax easily. Has a thing for cake.

Strategy skill level: 7
Strength skill level: 8
Teamwork skill level: 4 (more of a lone wolf but when needed, will cooperate)

Bio: Abandoned as a small child and grew up in the Aokigahara Forest. She finally was found by officials and taken to civilization and because of this, she usually keeps to herself. Discovered her ability as a meister when she was 14

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current update!!: characters!

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