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Welcome to Aster Academy! This academy is for all people who have extraordinary magical powers. You will learn how to control your powers and make new friends along the way.

Rules :

1. All original OC's and must be approved by me or Paris the Traveler.

2. No copying or stealing OC's

3. No sexual content please

4. If you bully other users you will be automaticly banned


Name - (First and Last)

Age - (Any age is fine)

Magical Power - (This area is important because this is the main purpose of the school. Be creative with this. The power can be anything you want it to be. Within reason. No invincibility or extra lives. Two people may have the same power but be sure to use them differently.)

Personality - ( Make sure to give a pretty good description of you character. This way other users know how to interact with your character.)

Background - (Provide a little information about your characters background just so we know where they come from and their history.)

* You may add anything else that you think is necessary. I won't be too picky. Make sure to add on things as your character progresses throughout his/her lifetime.

(More rules to come soon just use your best judgement for now)

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(Sorry +Paris Jackson I accidentally deleted my post... XP)
Anyway here's the updated version of my OC; Hope we can RP!

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Marina is lost and somehow ends up in the cafeteria

(Open RP)

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Hazel-Dawn Has the power of the sun. Her beauty is beyond compare, and a smile as bright as... well... what else? XD She is always kind, sweet, shy, and extremely fun, wild, and crazy when around her friends. +Paris "The Traveler" Jackson​​ can back me up when I say that I am describing myself. XD. She is also aetisitic, has brown fliwing hair and hazel eyes. She is short, yet bouncy and fun sized. She is very romantic, and will grow wings after she has found the one person that will never let her fall, who can handle her strength, and who truly loves her. Both people must agree to this when rping, and they both must realize these feelings.

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Magic Power: mind control because she is curios about the

PersanaliTy:loves sweet things I sfunny cool loves books is kinda a nerd

Story:Is in a bloodline of people with th e(x1,000000)great grandma being a god

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Name - Willow Hemly

Age - 16

Magical Power - Earth element. Can create plants and flowers and heals nature. Basically anything to do with nature is her thing.

Personality - Timid until you get to know her. Likes to help people in need. Keeps secrets really well. LOVES the outdoors and nature of course. Kind and sweet.

Background - Was taken away from her family at a young age for being different. (More to come as her story progresses)

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Name - Grey

Age - 19

Magic Power - Water element. He can bend water to anything he desires. He can uses the water for healing and attack also for protecting. Also he can transform into a human when on land (he is blind in human form)

Personality - Most times friendly but aggressive when needed. He loves spending time in the water. He is quite funny once you get to know him

Background - His family wasn't all that nice to him. Grey only had one friend but they drifted aparts in their teen year. At age of 16 he ran away from his home hope to start is new life. That didn't go so well for Grey. On the way Grey got attack by magical vines that his father sent. His family has a secret. The next 2 years he has been tortured to bring out his secret. Grey finally got out, but had some major troubles after that. He was given some rainbow coral because he was injured badly. In his human form that made him blind. The rest of his life is a mystery yet to solve.
Animated Photo

Grey is in the front of the school

(Open RP)

What are the rules and the profile templet? I can help you with all of that if you make me a moderator or the 2nd owner. Whatever you want! Tapad The Dinasour
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