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I am posting the video of my speech from the D.C. Stop Modern Slavery Walkfest October 4, 2014. I was both humbled and honored to be able to share my story and truly blessed to meet all those who attended Walkfest 2014 that inspired me with their passion and dedication to bring an end to modern day slavery. After my speech a survivor of child sex trafficking shared her story with me and told me of her journey to healing and recovery. I want her and all survivors and victims to know that they are never alone and there is always someone who cares and a light inside all of us no one can extinguish!
Thank you DC Stop Modern Slavery for inviting me to speak and thank you Rosey Noyb for your friendship, your support and for making this video. God bless you all!
Warmest Regards,
Jerome Elam

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For seven long years I was trapped in a hell no one deserves. I was nothing more than a shell of a human being enduring suffering and torture at the hands of psychopaths and sociopaths as the world looked on. I attended school, and from the outside appeared to be a “normal child” but I was being trafficked in plain sight. I was often pulled out of school to “service” clients and after school, holidays and weekends were all just a never-ending nightmare for me. All of the signs were there but no one cared enough to look or had the training or education to realize my bruises and lengthy illnesses were all red flags for a child suffering endless abuse.

Trafficked Boys: Vandalized innocence hidden in plain sight

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I am posting one of my interviews from yesterday and I hope that God has given me the words and inspiration to help inspire others to speak out! 
Regards, Jerome Elam Author
Human sex trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States according the Department of Justice, and it's happening right here on the First Coast. Some of the victims are young children forced to have sex dozens of times a day.

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Thank you Yvonne Williams for allowing me to be a part of this important opportunity to educate and empower everyone about the scourge of human trafficking. As a survivor of child sex trafficking, I am haunted daily by the faces of those who did not survive the ruthless environment of the pedophile ring that trafficked me. Through their memory, I am driven to bring an end to vandalized hopes and dreams and save as many as possible from the abyss that has consumed so many. Nationally less than 1% of children survive being trafficked and the average lifespan of a child being trafficked is only seven years. As trafficking survivors we pray for the healing to escape the fear that imprisons our minds and the despair that infects out hearts and to find a way to once again love ourselves. Every day I pray for God to give me the strength to work as hard as I can to save innocent children. I have been blessed to have God reveal his purpose for me to fight for every child. I have also been blessed to have so many come into my life that lend me their strength when mine is being tested. I pray for the inspiration and the strength to speak for all those who are victims of human trafficking and to always make sure every voice is heard until no one is a prisoner kept silent by the shackles of fear! God Bless you all!
2014 National Trafficking In America Conference:  

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It is the day of love! So, what better time to address this topic?

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Most people like being asked questions about themselves. In our latest post we ask a question on sex trafficking and then answer it with what we believe and then why. After all when dealing with the sex trade and sex trafficking, being able to back up your answers and questions is important!

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Sometimes when someone does something bad we almost forget they are even human and rather classify them as monsters. Janice and I have an idea on the matter that you should check out! #sextrafficking  

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Friendship, a movie, and models?!?!? Oh, and a friendly reminder to start off your week!

OK Senate Committee Approves 2 Human Trafficking Bills
Posted: Mar 19, 2013 8:55PM CDT
Associated Press
The Oklahoma Senate Judiciary Committee has approved a pair of bills related to human trafficking, sending them to the full Senate.
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In a quick meeting Tuesday, the committee passed a bill from Rep. Sally Kern to allow sex trafficking victims to remove prostitution from their criminal records. Sen. Nathan Dahm is carrying the bill in the Senate.
Also approved is a bill from Rep. Pam Peterson and Sen. Kim David allowing the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs to use subpoenas in its trafficking investigations. The bureau already uses subpoena powers for drug investigations.
Both bills overwhelmingly passed the House. Their sponsors have framed them in terms of protecting Oklahoma's children.
2/19/2013 Related Story: Human Trafficking Bill Heads To Oklahoma Senate

Posted: Wed 6:18 PM, Mar 20, 2013
Reporter: Sara Humphrey Email
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I-35 traffic stop leads to human trafficking investigation

ARDMORE, OK - An Ardmore traffic stop has the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics looking into a possible human trafficking case.

Last Thursday, Police stopped 48-year-old Spencer Warren and 29-year-old Christina Murphy, both from Kansas, while driving south on Interstate 35 in Ardmore. Investigators said a 19-year-old female was also in the car.

After questioning all three, OBN said they determined the teenager was being held against her will. She was taken to a nearby shelter.

Warren was charged with kidnapping and possession of marijuana. Murphy was also booked on a drug charge.

OBN said at this time, little is known about Warren, Murphy or the victim.

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