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Name: Greed

Age: Looks 18 but no one knows his actual age

Gender: male

Magic: Vampire stuff

Weakness: Sunlight and silver

Likes: The night and the snow

Dislikes: The morning and heat

Family: Unknown

Level (Like Guard, Etc.): Vampire and shiftshaper

Bio: Greed is a vampire. So that means no one likes him very much. But they do like him when he is a hedgehog. Greed doesn't interact with others very often. So he usually "awkward" with humans and others. He also doesn't have any friends. So he is very lonely...

Other information:
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Name: Luna Shadows

Age: 1,700

Gender: female

Magic: vampire magic?

Weakness: sun and love

Likes: almost everything

Dislikes: love, bullies, and the sun

Family: a small child she adopted

Level (Like Gaurd, Etc.:) vampire

Bio: her parents were killed, so she was on the run for most of her life, when she was walking through a forest she met a small child that was also on the run so she adopted her

Other information: she can survive in any weather, and can blend in very well in all surroundings, and taught her daughter to do the same

(Hope this is ok)

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You where the Queen of the Hellhound's and you owned the first hell but you were always at war with the other 4 hell's to make any hell stronger you needed a human male that you would make your mate and share your power with all the other 4 hell's owners have a mate but you have your eyes set on me I was a rare breed of human that had magical power there were others like me but the were token by the other hell leaders my magic was blades and you didn't want me because of my magic it was because of the fact that I was nice to everyone but I was a killer in a fight and you needed my gentle touch but my rough Nature's to satisfy your urges when I turned 20 you were 19 and you demanded that my family have me to you or you would kill them so they gave me to you I did care much but I didn't know what was going on you took me to your house in your hell and wanted to fuck then but you thought to seduce me first so you.........

((Girls only))
((If you change what you look like it must be a neko and show me))
((My name in RP is Miroko))
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Has everyone died in this community?

In Grey's tree house, Grey has a fever and Tony is making soup.
Meanwhile in a cave nearby, Audrey and Shido are having an argument.

+Autumn Ruff +Tony Kaga +Audrey Strauss

Can I accept profiles?

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Name: Lucy Shima
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy shell, soft core, tries to act strong
Magic: Ice magic (Water), Healing magic
Weakness: Clutsy
Likes: Flowers, Cute things, sweet treats
Dislikes: Nothing
Family: None
Bio: She come from a rich family but does not show it. She like to wear skirts.

In the forest at Grey's tree house...

+Tony Kaga +Audrey Strauss +Autumn Ruff

+Audrey Strauss +Autumn Ruff +Tony Kaga
I found the warehouse. Audrey confronts me and Tony is attacked. Grey follows Tony...
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