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Mega Sonic Character World

All Sonic characters are here:

-Sonic the hedgehog: +Han Solo
-Sonic Boom
-Classic Sonic
--Miles Prower Tails: +Andrei Santana
--Dr. Ivo Robotnik "Eggman"
--Amy Rose +Amy Rose
--Knuckles the echidna: +Knuckles The Echidna™
-Shadow the hedgehog: +Shadow The Hedgehog™
--Demon Shadow the hedgehog:+Tia Ana Caroline Swift
--Sally Acorn: +Sally Acorn™
--Rouge the bat
--Espio the chameleon +Shadow Que só faz merd
--Bunnie D'Coolette
--Charmy Bee
--Ray the Flying-Squirrel
--Julie-Su the echidna
--Vector the Chrocodile
--Mighty the armadillo
--Cream the rabbit
--Cheese the chao
--Fang the snipper
--Bean the duck
--Bark the Polar Bear
--Rotor Walrus
--Honey the cat +isabella miranda
--Antoine D'Coolette
--Nicole the Holo-Lynx
--E-102 Gamma
--Big the cat
--Dulcy the dragon
--Lupe the wolf
--Aleena the hedgehog
--Breezie the hedgehog
--Manic the hedgehog
--Sonia the hedgehog +Daniela Oliveira
--Cosmo the seedrian
--Daisy the seedrian
--Lucas the seedrian(Dark Oak)
--Zelkova the seedrian(Yellow Zelkova)
--Chrisanthemum the seedrian
--Eartia the seedrian
--Lamar the seedrian
--Alnus the seedrian (Red Pine)
--Galaxina the seedrian
--Narcisus the seedrian(Black Narcisus)
--Starla the seedrian
--Bay Leaf the seedrian(Bay Leaf)
--Tikal the echidna
--Chaos: +Dj Simmons
--Uncle chuck
--Jules the hedgehog
--Bernadette the hedgehog
--E-123 Omega
--Chocola the chao
--Blaze the cat: +Ballon Girl
--Millie Prower:+Sonia the Hedgehog™
--Silver the hedgehog
--Eggman Nega
--Vanilla the rabbit
--Marine the racoon
--Scourge the hedgehog
--Fiona Fox +Sky The hedgehog
--Metal Sonic
--Tails Doll
--Mecha Sonic
--Siver Sonic (I,II,III)
--Patch D'Coolette
--Princess Alicia Acorn
--Buns Rabbot +Buns +Buns Rabbot mer Walrus
--Rosy the Rascal
--Anti-Miles Prower
--Charles the hedgehog
--Predator Hawk
--Sgt. Simian
--Flying Frog
--Lightining Lynx
--Drago Wolf
--Eclipse the darkling
--Mother wisp
--Black Doom
--Doom eye
--Death Eye
--Dark Gaia
--Lily the bird
--Walt Wallabee
--Barby Koala
--Bill Platypus
--Guru Emu
--Wombat Stu
--Thrash the tasmaniam devil
--Razor the Shark: +Razor +Razor the Shark sher the chao
--Coral the Beta
--Pearly the Manta-Ray
--Aquarius the chao
--Queen Angelica
--King Puff
--Striker the Mantis
--Lara-Su the echidna
--Argyle the crocodile
--Manik Acorn
--Sonia Acorn
--Mina Mongoose

--Ash Mongose
--Melody Prower
--Skye Prower
--Belle D'Coolette
--Jaques D'Coolette
--King Arthur
--Babylon Guardian
--Sir Gawin
--Sir Lamorak
--Lady Perceval
--Sir Lancelot
--Christopher Thorndike
--Chuck Thorndike
--Colin Kintobor
--Hope Kintobor
--Dagger Walrus
--Block Buster Polar bear
--Pay-back fox
--Cutlass depardieu
--Demo Duck
--Scarlette Rabbot
--Jani-ca the echidna
--Zor, Zazz, Zik, Zomom, Zeena, Zavok
--Ivo Kintobor
--Duke of Soleanna
--Princess Elise the third
--E-10000 G
--E-10000 R
--E-10000 B
--Elias Acorn
--Mr. Tanaka
-Alpha X
--Erazor Djinn
--Dr. Finitevus
--Mammoth Mongul
--Heavy and Bomb
--Mephiles the dark
--Shade the echidna
--Lord Ix
--Jet The hawk: +fabiano fabiano g souza 
--Wave the swallow
--Storm the Albatroz
--Cpt. Whiscker
--Junior Ivo
--Ken Monkey Khan
--Lien-Da the echidna
--Dimitri the echidna
--Lumina Flowlight
--Gerald Robotnik
--Maria Robotnik
--Mecha Knuckles
--Mecha Sally
--Metal Tails
--Metal Scourge
--Mr. Stewart
--Moss Sloth
--Mr. and Mrs. Thorndike
--Mr. President(Sa2
--Mr. President(Sonic X)
--Mr President(Sonic the movie)
--Ovi Kintobor
--Abrahan Tower
--GUN Commander
--Pachacamac(Tikal's father)
--Pochacamac(Tikal's father in Fleetway comics)
--Perci the echidna
--Lady Walrus
--Zooey the fox
--Prof. Pickle
--Sticks the badger
--Saffron Bee
--Scarlet Garcia
--Shard the metal Sonic
--Snively Robotnik
-Time Eater
-Sonic Werehog
-Chief Woody
-Matilda the armadillo
-NiGHTS              X
-Reala               x
-Sir Galahad
-Jules hedgehog
-Professor Von schlemmer
-Tekno the canary
-Fastidious Beaver
-Mega Man            X
-Mega Man X          X
-Billy Hatcher       X
-Zonic the Zone-cop
-Zector the Zone-cop
-Zespio the Zone Cop
-Foreman Fred
-Wolf Pack
-King Acorn
-Maximilian Acorn
-Ali Baba
Q N -C
-Ben Muttski
-Anti - Jules
-Relic the Pika
-Robotnik Jr.
-Kyle the Gorila
-Rob'o' the hedge
-Dave the Intern
-Athair the echidna
-Amadeus Prower
-Johnny lightfoot
-Rosemary Prower
-Lara -Le the echidna
-Hershey cat
-Sally Moon
-Chibi Rose
-Zero               X
-Good Robotnik
-Isabella Mongoose
-Princess Amy
-Nestor the wise
-Leeta Wolf
-Lyco Wolf
-Mummified hedgehog
-Maria the Wolf
-Cutlass depardieu
-Santa Claus
-Thorn the Lop
Sacaty the CatBear+Purple Girl A MUIE DI ROXUUU

More coming Soon hehehe

Zails the fox: +MILES´´TAILS`` PROWER

Vcs precisão saber disso A R.D.R quer hackear comus de Sonic e FNAF então cuidado!!

E morreu

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Name: Jet The Hawk
Age: 14
Likes: yourself, be rich, tresure, my (who doesn't exist :| XD )
Dislikes: be defeated on the races, be slow than Sonic.
Relationship: A little bit of Wave
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