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The emotional and personal side of being ready to buy is all up to you. Once you have determined that mentally you are ready to take the time to purchasing a new home, then there are a few steps that I can help you with as a Realtor.
First, you need to get Pre-Approved. Sellers do not even look at offers that don't already have proof of pre-approval of funds to complete that offer. Houses are selling fast and usually have multiple offers. You want to make sure your offer is at least viewed!
The pre-approval process also help guide you in your search of a new home. Once you are pre-approved, you know you limit, your max purchase price. You can purchase a home for any price under the top/total amount of your pre-approval. 
So, if you are pre-approved at $200,000.00 then we can start your search of a home at any price that suites you best at $200,000.00 and under. You may be approved for $200,000.00 but prefer to purchase a home for no more than $175,000.00. It doesn't really matter as long as your have the Pre-Approval letter from the lender stating your offer is back by their funding of you!

Any type of market has it's ups and downs. However, what I really want to point out at this time is that inventory is low! Meaning there are not many houses for sale.
 This can be viewed as not so great for the buyer and oh so great for the seller. Buyers are having to be on top of their game when looking to purchase a home because so little is available to buy from. It's not even that what is being listed for sale is not of good "quality" but that it is selling so fast at reasonable value, you have to be pre-approved and ready to make that offer when you find something you want. If you don't, someone else will! 
Bakersfield Housing / Real Estate Market is working for the sellers right now.... Any one have questions about selling their home?

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I specialize in Short Sales in the Bakersfield City and its surrounding areas. A lot of times, the term short sale is misconstrued. When really, it’s a great opportunity provided to those who are upside down in their mortgages. Meaning they owe more than their home is worth in today’s market.  Short Sales give home owners the chance to get approval from their lenders to sell their home at today’s market/appraisal value and take a loss on the remaining balance with fewer repercussions than a foreclosure. Usually you are eligible to purchase another home much faster than if you did let your house go into foreclosure. 
Take a look at our Short or Stay Calculator located on our website @ See if a short sale is something that might help you.
Or if you have any questions, please ask. That is the purpose of this discussion. 
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