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Take a look at the Orx game engine. It takes a very different approach to most 2D game engines, being heavily data driven. This framework covers most of the functionality you would expect to see in a 2D game framework with good tutorial support, reference materials and more. The source code is mainly C based. It's Open Source under the ZLib license, available on Github.

This week we have brand new sound effects as well as music tracks:

On the SFX - Combat page:
Various Metal Clanks
Maybe useful for swordplay…or even for work in a blacksmith’s shop in an RPG. Feel free to edit as needed.

On the Funny 5 page:
"Kitten Combat" (Standard and Looping)

On the Nature/Science 2 page:
"Underwater Coolness" (Looping)

And on the Sci-Fi 6 page:
"Cyberpunk Runner" (Looping)

Have a good weekend!

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If you are interested making your own online RPG, there is no need to start from scratch. The Lugdunon game engine provides the option to procedurally generate a starting world you can then modify to your taste. It is a full online multiplayer game and things such as crafting recipes and quests are done within the game with a graphical editor. You can download the server (starting a game on your own server is free) at or we provide hosting for $14/month with first month free - more information at

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So we finally implemented a level up script in our beta version. It is good as your demon weapon Dalila gets more powerful as you do.
Dalila cause level / 3 necro damage, with a minimum of 1. This necro damage bypass any necro resistance, and it damages any type of creature, including demon lords, liches, and even the very gods, ... of course assuming the dont tear you apart quickly.

Showing a new location which is almost ready, where you may recruit the good paladin at the service of the god of justice, in the case of good alignment characters. Otherwise, you may recruit the dark paladin at the service of the evil god Arawn, in the case of evil alignment characters.

Working the coming week to release the new location and also add special abilities and spells to playable characters. Some of them have the icon with the ability but they dont work as yet.

Please feel free to provide with any feedback, we welcome it!
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