I am a new gear s3 owner. I downloaded Timerro on Google store as it seemed to indicate it would work with Gear, however the app is not showing on my watch. Was hoping it would work since I don't usually use credit cards that you need with Galaxy app store.

I've been using this app on my Samsung Gear Sport and have noticed that the vibration between intervals is inconsistent. Sometimes, it sends a vibration and sometimes not. I'm sure it's not a matter of not feeling it or missing it. What can I troubleshoot? Will running it simultaneously with Endomondo or the default activity tracker cause that? Thanks!

Just installed the app, it looks great, but I don't see it on my Android Wear 2.0 Polar M600 watch, how to make it show on my watch?

Being able to create on PC or on phone then sync to watch made this a fully versatile and user friendly app. THanks to Timerro customer support for quickly answering my questions on how to make that happen.

Is there any plans to make this app available for Samsung's Gear Fit 2???

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Timerro.com integration with Android and iPhone app is ready!

Please update your app if you haven't done it already, and help us build vibrant Timerro community.

It's just a next step in our mission to make the most useful, versatile and reliable routine timer app. Many steps to go, but we won't give up anytime soon :-)

I'd pay money for this app if it synced my workouts to Google Fit. Wait - does it already do this?

Hello I wanna know if is possible sync my android timerro with my timerro Samsung gear3 app that i already bought? ????

The sound on my Xperia Z5 only works sometimes...sometimes it's completely quiet even though all my volumes are set right.

And please make it possible to browse for my own sounds...I don't like any of the ones in the app. The buzz sounds more like a fart sped up... :-\

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