Hey dudes , regarding the conversation about Nas and drobos. I have a model B drobo with 8tb of storage. Usb 2. All from eBay Inc drives. Storage is storage, it's a backup. If I need speed I use my internal ssd or internal HDD. My drobo runs fine on Linux no issues. Failed drive just replace it no data loss.

Thanks for listening to TLLTS over all the years! It has been a good run!
Dann decided to end it all & wanted to thank you for your listenership!

KIDDING! 735 was not recorded! No one pushed the RED button!

We will be back tomorrow night!

I just finished the latest tllts and came to a couple of conclusions. Dann thinks Rich is an ignorant, racist jerk who needs to read a book on other cultures, and Rich thinks Dann is drinking the PC, social justice Kool-aid. Am I off base? Sadly this is just another example of not accepting the fact that people have different experiences and points of view. Neither are fully right and neither are fully wrong.

And now I am going to step off my soap box before I fall off :D

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Regarding our When does it End.....it doesn't. 10K!!!! That's freaking HUUUGE!

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Get Rust and come have fun in the gamingonlinux.com server.

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OSX Install Hint -- During recovery you the error That the install is corrupt or has been tampered with . Fix - Enable Wifi or ethernet . And then select terminal and correct the the Date . date 1103232317 ( 11th Nov 23:23 2017)

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Nice one +Jessie and +Casey .
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