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"Old School"

I had a young cat
2 call me old school
‘twas his cruel epithet
2 tag an old fool
But after having lived
in this world 4 a while
I surely know this kid
as a cruel li’l child
Born to be vile
even rambunctious
young, free and wild
just like a fungus
Boisterous & loud
and so disingenuous
smoking in a cloud
steady & continuous
It may seem tenuous
and it may be 2 late
as life gets strenuous
4 an ingrate
Impatiently he waits
Always ready 2 debate
He’s helpless and fake
Always on the take
Unstable & dumb
this kid’s so un-cool
wherever he’s from
it ain’t old school!

©2016 The King’s Castle Publishing
Crown Jewels of Poetic Laughter

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An Homage to Hadiya Pendleton

It was raining that cloudy day
in Chicago where an angel was born,
running to seek shelter from the rain
she and a friend hiding from the storm.

Making their way home from school
beneath a pavilion, waiting for the sun,
the unwitting targets of a local feud
victims of a fool with a gun.

Soon shots rang out in the distance
and in just one instant Hadiya was gone,
taken from a world where her existence
was a treasure we’d barely known.

So passionate against gun violence
though just a child at the age of fifteen,
living out loud despite all the silence
having begun to fulfil her dreams.

Marching in parades for our President
the second inaugural of Barack Obama,
a national hero and Chicago resident
living with her daddy and mama.

Streamlining her place within history
becoming the change our country needs,
Whose hallowed voice of angelic mystery
brought the world down on its knees.

As we watched her fly toward heaven
I saw her smile back toward the earth,
given to us if but for a moment
shedding tears at her rebirth.

©2016 The King’s Castle Publishing
Crown Jewels of Poetic Loss

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"Death of Innocence"

He never had a chance
a young boy playing cops & robbers,
in the park with a pellet gun in his pants
a gift from his long lost father.

Using his imagination to save the world
wielding a toy that all the bad guys feared,
his dream was the weapon he hurled
whose youth is now revered.

For the evening of November 22nd
came the due diligence of the Ohio police,
responding to a call they never questioned
as they quickly hit the streets.

Where they came upon young Tamir Rice
playing in the park outside of his home,
amid his chest they shot him twice
taking a life they’d never known.

Now forever gone from a world he saved
taken by those sworn to serve & protect,
fighting for justice beyond the grave
where innocence met its death.

©2015 The King’s Castle Publishing
Crown Jewels of Poetic Loss

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By:  Monique Pleshette
Jet black hair
Caramel eyes
Big soft booty
Above peanut butter thighs.
Lips plump & juicy
Breasts small but full
When I walk down the street
Man or woman
I can pull.
Don’t try to understand me
Just wasting your time
Small town girl
That’ll blow your mind.

‘Did it really matter?’©
By:  Monique Pleshette
As I think back on my life
I wonder if I did right.
Trying to be a good girl,
A bright future in my sight.
But it all seemed to backfire,
A life of pain, sorrow, and regret,
I am,
 an adult now,
But there’s something I just don’t get
Did it really matter?
Not experimenting with various things
Thinking about it now
None of it earned me angel wings.
So do yourself a favor
Enjoy your life as much as you can
Because all in all
No matter what happens,
He will be there to hold your hand.
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