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chained to the wall and beaten very badly. I have no more strength to fight with the action owner. He has wiped, burned and hit me. I may be sold so but I hope I can be fixed. I am a broken as a puppet with no stinks. But tomorrow I will be sold and a family buys me. I don't want to die here, I am so cold here.
next day
Action owner comes and unlocks my chains listen boy I am going to tell you and I will till them you run away from your owners. So if you tell the truth you will feel my wip to your back you understand?
Me:y-yes sir
Action owner: good leads me to the stage in my chains step right up and buy this boy, I am starting with 10 pounds

Name: Jet walker
Gender: male
Species: human
Class: Thief
Other Info: good with a bow and pickpocket well
Bio: A runaway from home and want to get all the money i can and join the thieves guild. wish he had a friend in this new home of his. but does not want the knights or the royals to catch him

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Name: Ariel

Gender: Female

Race: Blood Elf

Weapon Use: Bow/Cross Bow & Dagger/Brod Sword

Armor: Leather with mythril covering my abdomen and a little of my chest

Birth Place: Elven City

Age: 16

Bio:  I has a wealthy Elven family then one day when I was about 5 I was in the field playing with some other kids when a group of 20 bandits ran sacked my city they came at night took the guards by suprise my dad gave me a small sac of coins and told me to run so I did all I could see when I ran was the glowing fire of my city about 5 miles away from home I found a small group of hunters I lived with them for about one year until one day we where hunting and a pack of dire wolves came up and they left me for dead by this time I was about 7 and I found my way to a human city and snuk in on a farmers carriage u wasn't treated like another citizen instead I spent most of my time in jail so I learned to pick locks and with the training I had from the hunters I became a skilled theif until 6 years later a High Elf Bounty Hunter showed up looking for me so I took off to the woods then 2 Yeats of living in the woods I finally found a Elven City there I was adopted by a Blood Elf Family and now I had an older brother and  I actually thought things were going to be good for a change then a few weeks later that same High Elf Bounty Hunter showed up looking for me with 2 others a local showed them where I was living they kicked in the door and shot my step parents with cross bows I managed to get a bolt from the corpse and kill one of them with it then my step brother and I ran into the woods I made us both a bow and some arrows then we managed to take out a bandit group and take some more weapons and armor and to this day we live on the run
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Name: Susan Aquila Cursed
Age: Twenty and three.
Gender: female
Weapons: black longbow with black raven feather fletched arrows, and a belt of daggers.
Personality: actually quite joyful and optimistic, but has a fiery temper and likes to hide her happiness from strangers.
Bio: Born in the north she was raised a warrior, an only child. her father was at first disappointed at not getting a son to take his inheritance he soon realized that Susan was as good as one. her family, from her great, great grandfather were all warriors. she left home for the call of adventure and now roves over the land. a knight in shining armor, Joan of arc style.

hey! I'm new, what do I do?

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Watching Armies fight while eating a sandwhich.

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Water Princess

fighting, using magic, sneaking up on people


water magic, and a sword

sneaking up on people, quick thinker and fighter, getting information, martial artist
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"Beg The Flames For Our mercy"

name: Scarlet Bloodwing

gender: Female

age: 20

themesong: Most Epic OSTs Ever: Wings of Liberty

faction: Lzarier, Kingdom of the Fiery Red Rose. A country from a far off distant land now allied with The Devil King and his army The Legion of Hell. Lzarier is a safe haven for adventurers and mercenaries united by their natural passion for treasure and adventure.

race: human

specialty: Proficent in swordfighting,hunting,dragonslaying, weaponcrafting and fire magic. She commands an army of red knights, the mightiest warriors that make up the Legion of Hell.

Dragonsbane - The enchanted blazing sword once wielded by the previous king of Lzarier. An unholy light glows upon it's crimson blade when unsheathed in battle. The sword is made from ancient metal and forged in the fires of a volcano. The blade has been bathed in dragon's blood making it highly resistant to dragon magic and is able to easily penetrate dragon hide. It blesses the wielder with the power to conjure magical crimson flames hotter than the sun.

It is said in legends that those who wield the sword are destined to become brave and powerful rulers who will bring about death and destruction to all dragonkind.
alignment: Lawful Neutral

characteristics: Short,slender,has shining blond hair and bright crimson eyes the color of blood. She has porcelain skin and is quite fair to look upon contrast to her brutal methods of combat.
She is quick and agile able to move in blindingly fast speeds.  She likes to dress in red clothing symbolizing her pride and love of her country.

bio: One of the Devil King's many dukes and duchess. A noble and fearsome knight hailing from the country of Lzarier. She grew up with the dragonhunters who guarded the capital city from wild monsters. She claimed the legendary sword Dragonsbane from a treasure chest found in one of her quests.

She is a bloodthirsty warrior to be reckoned with. She marches on with her army in the heat of battle proudly clad in her crimson cape and strikes fear in the heart of her enemies.

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In the glory of the old gods, here they come

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