Finance Translation Center
72 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2LA, United Kingdom
TEL UK : ++44-20-32861442 - TEL USA: ++1 202 6575190
TEL FRANCE: ++33-4- FAX: ++33-4-
VOICEBOX GERMANY: ++49-(0)3212-666.11.44
Mobile: ++33-6-771.781.98 Skype : CenTradEuro

At the Finance Translation Center, we have more than 28 years worth of experience in providing high-quality, professional translation services in more than 300 languages for a wide range of clients across a diverse variety of industries, including the legal, financial, medical, teechnical and media sectors.
Therefore you can rest assured that our global network of more than 30,500 professional translators and our in-house team of project managers are on hand to help you with your translation requirements.
Every professional translator within our network is highly specialised within their sector and only translates into their mother tongue, ensuring that no nuances, expressions or marketing slogans ever get lost in translation.
Fast delivery

If you need your material translated quickly, no problem. Thanks to our global network of linguists, our team of project managers can oversee large-scale projects that require a number of professional translators, proofreaders and editors to deliver on time.
If your project is urgent, let our team know and we will push to deliver within your deadline. Please note that higher rates may apply to urgent projects.
Highly competitive rates

We work very hard to offer you highly competitive and affordable rates without ever waiving on quality or professionalism.
Our primary commitment is to quality, which is why every translation project is handled by a professional and highly-experienced translator, who is specialised in the relevant field and whose mother tongue is the target language.
If you don't speak the target language, it is certainly worth considering our proofreading services, where a second independent linguist reviews the translated material, improves the copy and gives their feedback to the project manager. Typically, this service adds an extra 30-40 per cent to the cost.
Providing a quality service

Customer care and a quality service are at the heart of our business, which is why working with us is easy and hassle-free.
Our team will discuss your requirements with you and advise on how to best proceed with the project. After you send us the document for translation, we'll be able to send you a quote within the hour. Once the project is confirmed, we'll immediately proceed with the translation.
The Finance Translation Center's accounts team always offers a consultative approach to every translation project, no matter how big or small. We'll advise you on any nuances, technicalities or even the general target audience, so you can be sure that your translation is perfectly suited to your requirements.
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