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Scott Hall

Discussion  - 
In our first article regarding racism, we took a look at media outlets from known and credible sources and with two simple keywords was given access to seven million web pages that contained articles written where situations of color were dominant, featuring a few examples and thoughts on each ...
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Jury Trial- this was good to know about the whole process.
Ever wondered what happens in a jury trial? We put together some information on jury selection, defense verdict and more.
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Well whatever happens the results are not always too good.

I had the following message saved from the Amazon forums about what I can remember as some of the more famous murder investigations that went wrong.

Some of these never went to trial.

The Most Screwed Up Murder Investigations In History

Jeff Marzano says:

I guess we can all think of what we consider murder investigations that were bungled in so many ways and for various reasons.

Here's the ones that come to mind for me.

The Black Dahlia

This case seems to have involved police and law enforcement corruption which enabled a madman to remain loose in the public and probably commit more murders.

Author Steve Hodel believes he has identified the killer in one of those cases that proves the old adage 'Truth is stranger than fiction":

Black Dahlia Avenger: The True Story

Claus / Sunny Von Bulow

Mistakes were made by Sunny's stepchildren and lawyer when they did things without involving law enforcement. Claus' conviction was reversed on appeal due to various legal technicalities and questions about the admissibility of evidence.

However Claus was unwilling to participate in the civil law suit. He agreed to divorce Sunny and forfeit his legal rites to her vast fortune. Although at that time Sunny was still alive in a coma.

This case is interesting because Claus' mistress was the actress who played Victoria Winters in the Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. Alexandra Moltke (aka Alexandra M. Isles) testified at Claus' second trial that Claus had confided to her that he was responsible for the first attempt to poison Sunny but he couldn't go through with it. But yet she stayed in her relationship with the dashing Claus because she was in love.

OJ Simpson

This trial became a racially charged media circus. OJ hired a dream team of lawyers who could have probably gotten Adolf Hitler off the hook.

OJ lost the civil case however which meant he was doomed to turn every penny he would ever possess over to the victims' families. Committing a murder is not cheep ! 

OJ went off the deep end finally and committed an armed robbery for which he was given a long prison sentence.

Jon Benet Ramsey

This case will stand for all time as the textbook example of how to screw up a murder investigation. 

The main issue was the Ramsey's home was not treated like a crime scene even while the child's body was just a few feet away down in the basement. 

JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation

Casey Anthony

Casey was a high school dropout who began living in a complete fantasy world. I would say she is mentally unstable.

I guess the feeling is the prosecution should not have attempted to convict her of first degree murder including the death penalty.

Casey told her lawyer that her own father had sexually molested her as a child and it was the grandfather who drowned Caylee in the swimming pool. The lawyer said this in court.

However this contradicts what the police dogs indicated since they detected the scent of a dead body in Casey's car and in a playhouse in the grandparents' back yard. 

Judge Stan Strickland feels that plain old testimony and circumstantial evidence have lost their luster and juries think every case is going to be like an episode of Crime Scene CSI. The judge feels also that juries do not understand what 'reasonable doubt' means.

"People lie. Dogs don't." - Judge Strickland

The jury members became confused in this case due to all of the conflicting statements made by Casey to the police and her lawyer.

The lovely Aphrodite Jones did an episode for this case on her TV show.
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I had no idea that every crime is given an offensive gravity score. This article was really informative on how you move from conviction to sentencing.
Check out our latest blog discussing what happens after conviction including the types of sentences that are there as well as sentencing guidelines.
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Elizabeth Hall

Discussion  - 
Jeff Marzano's profile photo
Eye witness testimony in general can be unreliable sometimes.

This is especially true if the witness was being attacked or harmed in some way when they saw the other person.

That's why DNA is so interesting today.  

I saw a TV show the other day where they had DNA evidence and the chances that anyone other than the accused person committed the crime was like 1 in 174 trillion.
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Elizabeth Hall

Discussion  - 
welcome back to one of our favorite authors
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An internal investigation into the officer accused of running over and killing a man with his department vehicle is underway, the DeLand Police Department said.
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This article is really useful for anyone who lives in an apartment complex.  
Accidents or crimes in an apartment complex are not rare and those affected need to know what to do in terms of apartment complex negligence and owner liability.
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Back to college can come with horror of crime. These tips were useful to know about avoiding campus crime.
Campus crime is a very real issue. Here are some tips to make sure you or your loved one is not a victim of such crimes.
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Elizabeth Hall

Discussion  - 
Scary to think that we cannot trust our food system and that a former Monsanto Executive is currently head of the FDA.
Laura Umfer, Psy.D., LLC's profile photo
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Aicha Zaa

Discussion  - 
Hey guys, I have written a post about institutional racism within the London Metropolitan Police. Please have a read and leave your feedback. I am interested to know what people think
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