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Welcome to our Digital Learning across Boundaries project community. Please introduce yourself and share your thoughts on our themes. This year we are exploring Technology Outdoors through the themes of Wild Writing, Outdoor Science, Art in the Environment and Creating Trails. You can find more information on our website and sign up for our free MOOC in May 


I'm Tom and I'm a second year teaching student from UCN in Aalborg. I'm studying to become an English teacher, as well as hopefully maths and physics. I think there's gonna be loads of interesting discussion about tech over the next week and I'm excited to hear some new ideas and get to know everyone.

Hi! My name is Espen and I am a lecturer at Ostfold University Colege. I teach Science, and try to spend as much time possible outdoor with my students. I am looking forward to get to know you all, and learn more about ICT.

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This might be an interesting book for our project.

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Art and science - Sophie seeks help for her plant!
Fun Palace at the Royal and Derngate Northampton 

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The Adventure begins at the Fun Palace! 

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iNaturalist: I think this is a nice app for outdoor science, but I haven't tried it yet.
Maybe in the next couple of days?

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Mushtool is an app students can have on their phones. It allows the students to easily identify the different mushrooms while going on expeditions (with the biology class) in, for example, the forests. As a teacher using this app, he/she can create activities which will aid in getting the students more enthusiastic. Such as, making it a competition amongst the students on who can identify the most mushrooms.

Ulla, coordinator in SkoletjenesteNetværk, colleague to Lars Haakonsen. Our job is to be facilitators, consultants, advisers and to network in the development of educational school programmes in external learning enviroments. We are working in the field between schools, municipalities and external learning environments, and do our best to support the collaboration between them. External learning environments are hereby understood as all institutions who offer or want to offer school programs - museums, zoo's, archives, churches, national parks, theaters ect.
We are also looking forward to go on adventures with you all in England, including exploring and sharing experiences.

This introduction is written by Ulla. Lars is in the field today, but he will surely add his own words as soon as we arrive.

Hi everyone!

My name is Anette and I’m a fourth-year teacher student at HiØ in Halden, Norway. Im studying to becomea teacher from 1.-7. grade. During this fourth year I’m studying science and physical education. In my previous years I studied the subjects: Norwegian, math, and religion. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all! 
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