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📣 NUEVO POST!!! 💝 ➡️ ✅ 😍🔝 ¿Educar a tu niña/niño/niñe en la igualdad? ¡Es posible con estos maravillosos cuentos infantiles y libros para adolescentes! Te dejo el listado más completo 😍💜✊🏿📚

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As U.S. states restrict abortion, more people are going online to get abortion pills. For years, the Netherlands-based feminist organization Women on Web has been mailing abortion pills (a combination pack of mifepristone and misoprostol) to those who…

On December 25, 1991, Soviet flag, the symbol of socialism, was lowered from the the Kremlin, Mikhail Gorbachev declared the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union was divided into 15 countries after disintegration, all of these 15 the socialist countries turned to capitalism. From then on, the poor working people around the world were exploited and oppressed by the capitalism, the disintegration of Soviet Union was the greatest political tragedy of 20th century.
The present socialist plan is still the same as that in Soviet Union. However, because of the disintegration of Soviet Union and the drastic changes in Eastern Europe, which led to the socialist countries lost political regime and become capitalist countries, which had illustrated that the socialist system in Soviet Union period did not completely eliminate the class, resulting in the restoration of capitalism.
Now, I propose a more advanced and more scientific social system, so as to completely eliminate the class and realize socialism.
My basic concept is the feminist socialism, the female dominates the society is exactly socialism, on the other hand, when the male dominates society is capitalism. There are two kinds in philosophy, that is, the idealism and the materialism, the idealism means that everything starts from the psychological world, it also refers to the spirit, the determination, the consciousness and the idea, the man has characteristics of spirit, consciousness and idea, when man starts everything from the psychology, then they can be thought as the idealists. For example, when the man works as screenwriter, he creates many kinds of novels about martial arts and the fantasy, but the martial arts and the fantasy are thoughts from psychology, except that, man likes play chess, which means to compare the ideas of both parts, then the men can be thought as idealists. However, female do not have these characteristics, female is industrious and thrifty in managing a household, she takes care of the family and do everything for her family. All the starting points of women are materials and reality, under the condition of sufficient materials, women take care of children and maintain their family, so women are the materialists. There is a story circulates in China, that is, one man carries water for drink by himself, two men carries water together for their drink, but there is no water to drink when three men stay together, this story implies that if men dominate the society, there will be more disagreement, disunity would exist among them and the assets will be distributed unevenly. But when you think that if letting a few of women to carry water, they will still have water for drinking. Because women think it is enough for there is water for drinking no matter who carry the water, even the women like to do so from her own initiative and then distributer the water to others for drinking. However, men have the desire to occupy, they only care about if there is water for himself and do not let others drink, therefore, women are always better than men in the aspect of carrying water. So when the men themselves cannot distribute resources evenly when drinking water, they are thought to take the capitalism as core, when the women unites together and drink water evenly, they are considered as taking the socialism as core. If men have 100 yuan, they will use 100 yuan to earn 500 yuan and then to earn 1000 yuan with 500 yuan, men will strive for more money but never satisfied with that, this is the essence of capitalism. If there are 100 yuan with women, they will use 100 yuan to subsidize the household, to take care of the child, to add more tools for producing more things and labor, the women do not know how to make money but they can do producing work, which is the essence of socialism. Therefore, whether the society is socialism or the materialism lies in the society is dominated by whom, that is, the men or the women. Nowadays, the society has developed into a kind of situation that women are not able to make money, they can only live through relying on the money made by men, this is the performance of society deterioration.
Marxism belongs to the school of materialism, women are the natural materialists, so, emphasizing on women's rights and letting women’s rights dominate society is the scientific socialist system. The whole society of Soviet Union is dominated by male, therefore, the disintegration of Soviet Union is an inevitable matter, so that female dominates society is right and scientific. But socialist women need men to act as thrie leaders, men command women in accordance with the concept of socialism, women as the dominant part, leading the society to complete socialism. In the society dominated by male, there is more competition existing between men, thus resulting in stronger class oppression and worse social relations, which is the capitalism. But in the society dominated by female, women live in harmony will be beneficial to united and cooperation, which is the socialism, male and female interact with each other can give full play to social forces.
Different countries around the world have different cultures, which are divided into two types. One is the traditional type and the other is the modern type. The traditional type are countries with a long history and a long time of civilization, there are traditional ideas with the common people. Previously, there are many traditional ideas, such as polygamy, preferring sons to daughters, the male power is extremely heavy and so on, under the traditional idea, the scientific development fell behind. Because of the male power is extremely heavy in traditional countries, men and men cannot live in harmony, so that causing social deterioration and multiple disputes. As for the traditional countries, I propose the following several methods for completing the feminist socialism.
1. There are men act as leaders for leading women to complete socialism in accordance with the socialist idea, women act as the dominant part in the society to achieve socialism.
2. Separating the social status of men and women through currency. Society is divided into two kinds of currencies, one is the indefinite currency and the other is the definite currency. When women hold the indefinite currency, they can accumulate the currency and grasp the resources, so as to evenly distribute the social resources. When men hold the definite currency, they cannot accumulate the currency and cannot grasp the resources, then the men become the pure labors, so they can devote into science and technology development as well as the producing work completely, which is advantageous to the country. The running way of this currency is that women hold both the definite currency and the indefinite currency, what’s more, the indefinite currency only can be exchanged between women and women, the definite currency is used from men to women, when the men hold definite currency and spend them on women in a limited period, and women can renew the term with currency. In this way, women dominate the even distribution of social resources, at the same time, men cannot accumulate the currency but must spend them, therefore, men cannot master the resources, men are rationally distributed by women, under the leadership of women, everyone unites together and lives in harmony.
The second one is modern type, because of the history of civilization is short, there is no traditional culture, women’s ideas are not imprisoned, they are relatively open in mind, there is not polygamous system in the history and the disputes between men are not serious, in addition, the oppression imposed by capital class is light, people can live a stable life, so they are high in national quality, so as to produce modern high-tech industry, at present, the democratic system is implemented For example, Europe, United States and the Japan in Asia are in short civilization, all of them are the modern type. In modern type countries, people can realize stability, democracy, women’s ideas are not imprisoned, so they can implement another set of more scientific, more liberal plan, concrete implementating methods are shown in the following part.
     There are two kinds of political regimes in newly typed countries, one is the male regime and the other is the female regime. In present capitalist countries, they are implementing the male capital system, that is the patriarchy political regime, patriarchy only implemented aiming at the male, which is the reason for there is no women’s rights in capitalist countries and other countries around the world, female is not suitable for the system of capital freedom system. As for this problem, another female regime needed to be established, which is only implemented on women, women fit the socialism system. Because women do not have the idea, the consciousness or the spirit, so the male leads female to finish socialism according to the socialism idea, and the female acts as dominant part to realize the socialism. The centralized system is implemented in women's rights, because the females are materialists, who are not suitable for the system of capital freedom, they must be centralized and their ideas should be unified, which is advantageous to the development of socialism. Under the condition that men’s rights and women’s rights restrict each other, women rationally distribute the social resources, men create the society through using resources and labor. Under the women’s rights, the class oppression among men’s rights will be weakened or disappeared, at the same time, the treatment of working people will be improved, the country should subsidize for female fertility and taking care of children, because the female fertility will drag them, thus lowering their rights and the men’s rights capitalism will rise, so that resulting in socialist imbalance, so the class oppression will occur. The tax should be imposed on all of the men and the welfare subsidy should be made on all of the women, in this way, the revenue obtained from men can be used for subsidizing women who have give birth to children, so as to achieve the gender equality, in addition, the male capitalist regime and the female socialist regime restrict each other to play a role.
As for these two types, the traditional type is transforming into the modern type, with the transition period of at least 20 years, 20 years later, the traditional type will realize the modern development. When all of countries around the world become modern socialist countries, human beings will develop into unprecedented prosperity, international disputes and conflicts will be faded, the war will disappear, only the socialism can liberate human beings. Please “like” my text if you think I am right, reposting with each other.0

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Don't Universities charge the same tuition for Men & Women?
Why are Women expected to work at the same job using the same degree & earn less pay? #Equal #ERA

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Okay, #LGBTQIACommunity #LGBTQCommunity #LGBTCommunity #NoH8Campaign #TeamLesbian

Today according to my calendar is #nationalComingOutDay I see. I have a long story on how I came out as #lesbian and a #TeamLesbian representative/feminist.

Here is how I came out to my family and friends, especially to my gay best friend of over 10 years..

In 2011, I had my first girlfriend, and I loved her so much, I loved her, I protected her, with my heart, soul and my body.. She was my first, but I was closeted at the time. I was living in Long Beach in New York - Not California - don't get that twisted honey. She was my first.. And my true love. In May of that year, I called everyone in my family, and I told them that there was a secret that I was hiding from them for about 6 months in 2011, so they came to my house, and my gay best friend was there at the time. I took a deep breath, and I spilled the beans. I tells them "You can either love me as I am or disown me as daughter, niece or stepdaughter. Family, best friend, I'm here to tell you that I'm in love with a girl. I'm lesbian." And almost everyone in my family did not accept me as daughter, stepdaughter or niece. I was heartbroken, in tears. I was hurt when they disowned me. But two people still accepted me as I am, as I am still to this very day as a lesbian - my gay best friend as well as my aunt Janice..

My family disowned me by the end of 2011. They all said I was no longer their daughter, they did not want a daughter who is what she is, and it's been 7 years of hurt, betrayal and disownment since I know. But my aunt Janice still stood by my side, and she accepted me still.

That is my #ComingOut story..


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An older piece, but it brings up some excellent points about gendered expressions of anger and the ways women lose touch with their own feelings as a result. I think in particular the idea of "lady hormones" actually being the result of sublimated anger is very interesting.

Anger is diverted in women, who, as girls, lose even the awareness of their own anger as anger. Girls are taught, through politeness norms that suppress disruptive behavior, to use indirect methods of dealing with rage. For example, it’s “unladylike” to be loud, or “vulgar” to curse, yell, or seem unattractive. Adaptable girls find socially acceptable ways to internalize or channel their discomfort and ire, sometimes at great personal cost. Passive aggressive behavior, anxiety, and depression are common effects. Sarcasm, apathy, and meanness have all been linked to suppressed rage. Troublesome behaviors, such as lying, skipping school, bullying other people, even being socially awkward are often signs that a teenager is dealing with anger that they are unable to name as anger.

Girls, taught to ignore their anger, become disassociated from themselves.

Anger is so successfully sublimated that girls lose the ability to understand what it feels and looks like. Is her heart racing? Does she feel flushed or shaky? Does she clench her jaws at night? Is she breaking out in hives? Does she cry for no reason? Laugh inappropriately during difficult conversations? Fly off the handle over something that seems inconsequential? You can see where I’m going here…those crazy girl hormones, right? Better to just think of it as a phase.

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Mary Wollstonecraft, first feminist, and author of "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" died today in 1797, two weeks after her daughter was born (Mary Shelley wrote "Frankenstein").

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Sara Teasdale (born today in 1884) was the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1918 for her bold poetry:
"No one worth possessing
Can be quite possessed;
Lay that on your heart,
My young angry dear..."
Advice To A Girl
Advice To A Girl

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Margaret Fuller wrote the first American feminist book, "Woman in the Nineteenth Century" published in 1845. She died today in 1850.
Margaret Fuller
Margaret Fuller

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This is a problem I've been reading more and more about recently: the baffling link between so-called "radical feminists" and oppressive religious groups bent on oppressing transwomen. To call this alliance grotesque and hypocritical is putting it lightly.

The anti-LGBT Religious Right with and adopting the terminology of anti-transgender feminist academics for a few years now. The goal is to divorce their position from the stodgy backward-seeming prudish views that they believe lost them the culture war on gay marriage and adopt a language and message that will more easily infiltrate and divide progressive circles. This sparkly modern makeover is one activists like WoLF are more than happy to provide. The Religious Right has been consciously shifting their position away from gay marriage towards transgender rights Despite their deep belief that family values are threatened by “feminism, gay rights, and trans activism”, Religious Right Groups like the Family Research Council have gladly latched onto to bolster their position. It’s classic wedge-issue strategy.
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