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We started a Series of 5 Minute Outdoor Workouts! Happy if you join in and let us know if you think that is helpful for you! Yours, Teija & Karl -

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Mindset Monday, Happy Body Happy Lifestyle
The Kilted Coaches explain the importance of ensuring that your lifestyle gives you the body you want WHILST still ensuring you are happy doing it!!

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Decorating their bodies with new health and power
Pushing by their limits every single hour
Going the extra mile, training in style
And still looking like a beautiful flower

Powerful fit strong ladies with beautiful healthy minds
Focusing on good health, as new life shines

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For women, boxing training cardio workouts are the hottest trend for an effective and enjoyable way to burn calories and lose weight. By continually challenging your body to perform movements that increase in difficult, this type of full-body workout can deliver solid health and fitness results in a relatively short period of time.

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Human nature says that everyone loves to look and feel good. But what makes looking and feeling good even more satisfying is being able to develop self-defense techniques while getting in-shape. This is why many women today love boxing workouts class.

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There are numerous advantages to working out in a women-only fitness club. This type of workout space works well for women who are beginners or first-timers as it offers them more privacy and more women-centric activities which they may prefer.

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12 Ways to Sneak Activity Into Your Day
Merriam Webster's Dictionary defines activity as "the state of being active." Are you feeling overwhelmed? You want to start an exercise program, lose weight, or start healthy habits but you have so many responsibilities and not enough time. When you do hav...
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