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Holding Star close to him. A beat up, unconscious Star Butterfly. 

A boy in a red hoodie, a gray shirt, jeans and shows held her bridal style. Her arms hanging limply off of her body, but her wandering on her stomach. 

He himself was already hurt. But continued on. He didn’t care if the bruises and cuts on the arms were to be infected. All he cared about was getting Star back home. On earth. 

Recently, both teens had gotten into a fight. With Ludo. But Ludo wasn't Ludo. Toffee had returned and their final battle with this monster ended so brutally. 

Star Butterfly. Long golden blonde hair.Hearts on her cheeks. Those blue eyes were not available to him. Her dress tattered from war. And her legs dangled.

He remembered those words that King and Queen Butterfly told him as they continued to fight. 

"Please! Get our daughter to safety!"

The only safest place he knew of was earth. 

Brown hair was burnt at the tips. And his hoodie was wrecked as was Berlin dress. His arms currently bare because he had covered the Star with his jacket. 

Yes. He loved her. Two months after she left. Star leaving without Marco giving her a proper goodbye. 

After two weeks of Star leaving the Diaz household, he had been so depressed. 

His mother and father concerned.

Jackie Lynn Thomas had broken up with him because of Star. Which besides. Star was a better choice for him.

Janna had been at the Diaz household trying to comfort Marco and Pony Head was in the dull room where her room once was. The pony had been crying. Losing her bff. 

Marco Diaz pulled out his dimension scissors. Made for him by Heckapoo. He opened the dimension to earth and walked through, and closed the portal behind him. Marco made sure that he didn't hurt Star.

As soon as he made it home, Janna stared at the door. She was fairly surprised and worried for Star. 

Pony Head was still in what used to be Star's room. When the princess heard the door open, she looked up. 

​​​​​​"B-fly?" She floated to the two. Marco walked forward. He put Star down on the bed. 

Janna followed quickly.Star was back. Back on earth.

Pony Head and Janna watched Marconi of their shared bathroom. He had retrieved the first aid kit. 

Her wandering laid on the small table next to the bed. 

​​​​​​"Wh-what happened?" Janna asked.

He didn’t answer. His parents weren't home because they were helping Star's parents. He was too busy cleaning the wounds that were on her. 


She wasn'twasn't going to let any of her family die on her. Not today. Marco and his family had recently joined the fight. But it wasn't their battle to be fought. But Marco had to help her.

He was Star's prince. And she was his princess. 

Fighting against Toffee was a big challenge and that meant a lot of training with her wand. She had trained long days. At least she still had her imagination. That made her happy. 

But now in this war, it was one on one. 

Toffee. Monster son of Eclispsa. And his father unknown. 

Star Butterfly. Rebel Princess of Mewni. 

Both had wands. Light vs. Dark. 

Green magic vs. Pink magic.

Star was panting from breath. She was in the ground. On her knees. 

Her family in hiding just in case if she were to be hurt.  

Toffee lifted her chin with one finger. 

"I won't kill you just yet, Princess Star Butterfly."

The young Princess looked up at him in fear. Those words mixed with Ludo's. Toffee had taken over Ludo's body. 

She was already covered in dirt and wounds. She wasn't prepared for how strong Toffee was going to be. 

Toffee turned around from her. 

"I think it's time for you to know."

"Know what?" 

"Your past. Your parents are not the real parents. Well your father. Your mother got pregnant by me. And she had you. I thought we were going to be a happy family. But it was forbidden.-"

"Y-your lying! My mom would never lie to me! She would never do that.!" She held her wandering tightly in both hands. The glow from the wandering glowing a dimension pink.

"You'll know soon enough..."

"No!" She screamed. Her eyes turning white as a pink blast shot out from. Her wand in all directions.

Toffee took the chance to take a shot at her. To injure her so that he may have his plan go into full action.

And the shot made its target. Star fell to the ground. Harshly on the ground.

When she didn’t get back up, the Butterfly family and relatives took their attacks to Toffee.

King Butterfly and Queen Butterfly stopped Marco.

"Please! Get our daughter to safety!" Queen Butterfly said urgently.


Marco sighed. He knew that this wasn’t his fault. But why did he feel like he was? 

Pony Head stayed quiet.B-fly was back. But she wasn't ever going to be here same. Not after seeing her bestie like this.

Janna stood there. Marco really did love her. And it made her smile. 

Star started to wake up. Those beautiful sky blue eyes opened almost instantly. She sat up

"Where am I?"

"Star. Please lay down."

"M-marco?" The princess looked at him. 

"Yes. It's me."

She hadn't even noticed that she was in pain until it hit her. Laying back down, he had bandaged her up and put an ice pack on her head. 


He smiled. "Star...I need to tell you something."

She gave him her full attention. "Yes Marco?"

He pulled a chair besides her and she sat up again at his eye level. 

"I-I love you and I should have seen it sooner that you and I belong with each other. Jackie and I broke up. I wanted you back so badly. I needed you. Right after you left, I became depressed. Star. Please don’t leave me again. I need you."

​​​​​​"I need you too." Star leaned forward. As did Marco.

The two kissed. A very passionate kiss. 

Pony Head and Janna smiled. Both girls leaving the room and going downstairs.

As they left, they stopped. 

"Th-that was amazing."

Marco smiled. "Get some rest, my little butterfly." 

The karate boy helped her lay back down again. He pulled the blanket up to her shoulders. 

"l'll protect you." That sentence were the last words Star heard before she dozed off into her dreamland.

He smiled and continued to sit there. 

"I love you."

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