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Surprised there's nothing here.
John introduced me to the majority of my favourite records of the day, from Family's Music In A Doll's House to Capt Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica to the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and so, so many obscurities like the Misunderstood, the Fugs, Sea Train etc. In the day's when there was no internet, no mobiles, no social media and very little music related TV, listening to Peel was like finding a secret oasis for the soul.

Is it really 10 years since John Peel passed away in Peru?
RIP John

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Hi all,

For anyone that is in the area, or know people up here in the north-west, here's the line-up for the gig on the 29th August to celebrate John Peel.

There's still a couple of announcements to be made about what's happening on the night, but please spread the word if you can.


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Hi all, John Peel would be turning 75 this year, so I'm organising a gig in Liverpool to raise money for charity and raise a glass to the man himself. £3 on the door, with all proceeds going to Charity.

....Bands/ DJs will be announced shortly! I'll keep yous in the loop, but if you could spread the word, it'd be massively appreciated!

Hope you're all good!

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Anyone going to the Norwich Sound and Vision next week? I'm playing with Silent Sleep on the sat but the festival starts on thursday so get there then if you can. Lots of good bands on and its a bit of a peel pilgrimage
Norwich Sound & Vision
Norwich Sound & Vision

Hi all
Happy John Peel birthday day! Be sure to raise a glass of rather nice red wine today if you can and give the man a nod.

Also, I've been looking for his cover of Baz Lurhmann's "Everybody is free to wear sunscreen". Can anyone tell us when it was broadcast? I have a tonne of tapes to work through from 1999 but if anyone can help shorten the search that would be great. I remember lamacq played it quite a bit. Needless to say it is nowhere online.

Have a great day peel group!

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Radio 6 Marc Reilly been playing these a bit also played Glasto.1st time i heard thought ,don't know that Siouxie song.
If you grew up loving 80s indie nice bass leading guitar,swirly screechy raw vocals.

Siouxie,Bauhaus,Joy Division .

I know its not a 6 music community but 6 music is basically ,if John Peel owned a radio station and variation of music he played on his shows.

Anyway good on Radcliffe and Marconi for playing Slayer-Raining Blood at 1.55pm in tribute to Jeff Hanneman who died last night

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Just one of the many bits of amazing musical history we found during or recent trip to Peel Acres. There are only 150 of these 7' promos in existance, sent out with this accompanying letter. 

Wonder where the other 149 copies are now? 
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