GXml on the go for 0.16 release

If you have any new feature to add to GXml before, please request it as soon as possible.

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GXml and CSS

GXml have no support for CSS, in this case selectors, so +breizhodrome pushed a Bug Report to add it (Bug #786880), so I started to check it out.

I think we can't call python in a subprocess in order to support CSS, but implement it in some way in Vala or use an external C library.

I was investigating and found MyCSS as a possible GXml's external dependency for CSS support. After check it out, MyCSS have plane C API to parse CSS and so Selectors. We can't use it directly because it hasn't Vala bindings and we need to use parsed CSS to run over GXml's tree and return DOM4 elements lists. I'm planning to add C methods and its corresponding Vala bindings, we can use internally to add CSS selector support to GXml and pass DomNode objects to check if it match a selector, so create the elements lists returned by GXml.DomParentNode query_selector().

Does any one want to help?

GXml Reached 0 Bugs!

No perfect project exists, so do GXml. But I've managed to fix some bugs and reached 0 bugs today!

Please file new bugs reports, including enhancements, in order to plan a 0.16 release.

May a WIP could be adding more CSS Selector implementations, in order to increase GXml Level compliant, now at 0.15.2 be have very basic/very common ones.

Hope work on CSS Selectors will help to re-implement XPath using a kind of translation from XPath to CSS Selector, so we can avoid using the limited, in features, libxml2 implementation, by using all power of Vala and GObject.

When I started to develop on GXml, thinking on XML access using a GObject API and with ... to be published on Planet GNOME.

Are you using GXml primarily for HTML editing or just for reading?

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We have a problem :o

In this example, 'script' node is the only child of 'head' child nodes.
equality 'node == node.parent_element.children.item (0)' is always false.

So it's impossible to compare nodes, find their position inside lists because pointers are different O_o


Plans for a 0.16

I wonder if you have any feature you need/wish to be added to GXml.

XSD and HTML or even implement XPath recent specification, are candidates.

Hear about how you plan or use GXml, will help.

Improvements to HTML support

Thanks to +Jan Lukas Gernert GXml have been updated to gain a very tolerant HTML parser using libxml2.

May can be useful to add a parallel parser, may be using GLib, for GXml.

GXml now have XPath support based on libxml2.

Please test if and file bugs, before release.

Good luck!

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