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Status Update

As of right now LiquidSmooth development has stopped. Most of the devs are either too busy or have moved on to other things. This does not mean it won't come back in the future though.


Any chance on getting the latest version for SGH-I317 AT&T Note2?
I tried the website but downloads are still down.

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Hey. I am running LS-LP-v4.1-layers-2015-10-05-liquid_mako on my Nexus 4 with the Nano Modular Package from .
I use the radio and boot image from the latest google factory image (LMY48T).

The problem is that the keyboard or the Recent Apps Overview closes randomly.

Does anyone have this issues / bug too?? original...just flashed 7/21 (latest) version of liquidsmooth and I have no settings application.  I do have the star on the top but when I press it, I just go back to the home screen with icons.  If I turn on wifi, I see my SID but I can't sign settings application. Very strange indeed.  Did someone forget to include "settings" in the build???

Am I using the wrong setting in the GAPPS??

Are there flashable zips for nexus 4 original liquidsmooth kernel?

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#treltexx #SM-N910C #Galaxy Note 4 Exynos testbuild. More device issues fixed. Thx and credits to RaymanFX and modpunk!

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A new treltexx / Note 4 Exynos / N910C build for you. Bugs report to me please. Credits to TeamEOS and RaymanFX for their great device tree!

I'm looking around and I can't seem to find a bacon build past may I believe, is there a link to the latest bacon builds. Thanks 

Please link liquidsmooth based lollipop 5.1 nexus 4

I installed 5.0.2 in my Galaxy S3.
But there is one big bug... NO GPS fix possible.
I need help, because i use GPS every day.

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