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Status Update

As of right now LiquidSmooth development has stopped. Most of the devs are either too busy or have moved on to other things. This does not mean it won't come back in the future though.

3.2 downloads:Ā
3.1 downloads:Ā
3.00 downloads:Ā
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Big News

Hello everyone, it's been a long while since we made are last update. A few of us have decided to restart Liquidsmooth. It will be based on Android Oreo, initially we will be supporting a limited number of devices. If any of the old maintainers would like to maintain again please reach out to +Sean Hoytā€‹ on Hangouts. We are hoping for an initial release sometime in December. We will post more details soon.

Hello, I have a big one please to You. Since 2014 I have installed on my RAZR XT910 the custom rom LS-KK-v3.0-umts_spyder. Am VERY CONTENTED, it ran SUPER!!! Unfortunately, one month ago my RAZR is broken (age-partly :-( ). Now I have bought myself favourably xperia z and have already read that for this model also gives LS KK rom . . . . , however, I find no download. . . .Every link sends me to and this Internet site is over. I am in despair!!! Somebody can help me please? If I can download Rome LS KK for yuga somewhere....Google drive? or others?. . . . . . PLEEEEASE!!!

P.S. Excuse for my bad English ;-)

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I installed LS today, but the Navbar and the quick settings won't work. There is the information, im up to anything... Even downloading the ROM and gapps once again.
Pls halp

Hi, I just installed LS from android L (5.0.2) and I am having issues like the quick settings won't pull down at all and home button won't go home, not even when its set at navigation bar.
Samsung G S3 (SCH-R530U) pls halp!!1!

Can someone share the lollipop stock rom for samsung galaxy tab S 8.4 smt705 (LTE) model plzzz i really need it.... Thankyou

i need kitkat build for moto x (ghost)..i visited your official website but its giving domain expire will be appreciated :)

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I need compatible custom rom for samsung galaxy tab 3 3g sm-t211 pls developers
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Does anyone have LiquidSmooth for the ATT Note4? (SM-N910A)

-- wanting 5.1.x build, if possible.

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Hi, i went on your site and am looking for the samsung kitkat/4.4 rom but dont know how to locate it. Could you please send a link or tell me how?
This is why i'm looking for it
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