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This is my new Minecraft Animation. All about Minecraft monster school.

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Today i upload again a video minecraft
This video i make a lux house 5 X 5 from Woods
So I hope you enjoy watching this Video
Bye Bye see you to the next video

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Today i upload again video
And enjoy watching this video
This video isi Indonesia languange

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Today i upload again a video
In video i make a modern house but classic
Enjoy watching This video

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Mining in Minecraft can be a slow and tedious process. Some of us love it and some of us hate it, but either way we want the same thing - lots of ore mined quickly and easily. Most of use a pattern called "strip mining," but in this video I'll show you an even better and faster pattern called pinwheel mining.

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Take a tour of this 1:1 scale Ohio Class nuclear submarine in Minecraft. Not only is the exterior totally accurate, but the interior is 100% complete as well. It contains everything from the torpedo room in the bow to the propeller in the stern. Even more impressive is the fact that it was built in the water in SURVIVAL MODE!

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Spawning into a brand new Minecraft world is always a thrill, especially if you're in survival mode. One of your first orders of business on that very first day should be building a functional shelter. This base of operations needs to utilize local resources and be easy to build. Here's one design that should suit your house needs perfectly.

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Minecraft 1.10 AMPLIFIED Survival Island - Survivalsode 3
Since we met our last goal on making a cobble jen, it's time to pay a visit
to thee island we all been waiting for. Grabbed a boat and took a look at
the new island, from a far it really looked like just a normal amplified
land and not an island but it truly is a bigger and better island. With
another goal set up we are not allowed to start building until we gather
32 logs and 64 cobblestone.
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